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Antioch City Council Set to Receive ShotSpotter Technology Presentation

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On Tuesday, the Antioch City Council is set to receive a ShotSpotter Technology Presentation where they will direct staff regarding the potential future use of the technology.

The presentation comes as Antioch Police say there was a 40% surge in gun violence in the City of Antioch in 2021–including 13 homicides. In 2022, the City of Antioch stands at 7 homicides.

During Chief Steve Ford’s June presentation to the city council,the police department have recovered 69 firearms so far in 2022– 26 being ghost guns. In 2021, a total of 304 were recovered with 102 being ghost guns and in 2020, 273 firearms were recovered with 82 being ghost guns.

According to the presentation for Tuesday, 80% of gunfire goes unreported and that people do not report it for several reasons which include recognition, redundancy, retaliation and resignation.

City of Antioch 2022 Crime Statistics

Agg. Assault363345483464484654408
Larceny -Theft108101911211181171161541331059
Vehicle – Theft425140506054616053471
Index Crime Totals2412272162602472702783163062361

According to the staff report:

The ShotSpotter Respond Solution is designed to identify, locate, and track active gunfire, and will support the Antioch Police Department’s efforts to ensure more effectively respond to and investigate gunfire incidents. ShotSpotter supports agencies of all sizes that are committed to leveraging real-time intelligence to reduce gun violence and build community trust.

ShotSpotter will detect and accurately locate to within 25 meters of the actual gunshot location 90% of unsuppressed, outdoor gunshots fired inside the contracted coverage area using standard, commercially available rounds greater than .25 caliber.

In 2021, there was a 40% surge in gun violence reported in the City of Antioch. ShotSpotter has proven to be a crime deterrent in many cities and can support two of the City’s anti-crime related initiatives.

Community Engagement & Crime Prevention

  • ShotSpotter Community Engagement Directors will work with the Antioch Police Department to help establish and support community outreach groups by leveraging ShotSpotter respond data to facilitate proactive communication with community groups, schools, and other stakeholders when shootings occur. This will allow the City to bring trauma-informed care to children exposed to persistent gun violence.
  • ShotSpotter Respond data provides information on exactly where and when shootings occur within the coverage areas to help department efficiently direct resources.
  • Using Respond’s Insight investigative tool, the Department can easily create community-facing dashboards (shared on the Department’s website) to display statistics about shootings with dates, times, and locations.

Gun Violence Reduction Strategies

  • ShotSpotter Respond provides alerts to Police and Dispatch in less than 60 seconds to allow Officers to arrive on-scene faster, which can help save lives and keep communities safer.
  • With these precise location provided, alerts can help Officers find victims, witnesses, and evidence (shell casings) that often lead to suspects and arrests.
  • Respond alerts have assisted police in uncovering and confiscating illegal firearms and identifying ghost gun manufacturing operations.

The core capabilities of the ShotSpotter solution are:

  • Detect: ShotSpotter detects and locates gunfire incidents enabling a fast precise response to over 90% of shooting incidents within the targeted areas. This has a powerful deterrent effect and disrupts the gun violence cycle.
  • Protect: ShotSpotter helps to protect officers by providing them with comprehensive data on the actual amount of gunfire activity that occurs in the neighborhood they patrol and provides critical situational awareness when responding to specific incidents.
  • Connect: By applying community policing-oriented best practices, ShotSpotter provides a unique opportunity for law enforcement agencies to connect with vulnerable communities. Rapid response to gunfire incidents in communities that have been most impacted by gun violence builds positive attitudes towards law enforcement and leads to more constructive engagement and cooperation.

The ShotSpotter gunshot detection, alert, and analysis services provide what would be otherwise unobtainable, critical real-time gunfire intelligence. The city Council direction regarding potential future use of ShotSpotter technology is requested to be provided this evening after evaluation and of the presentation.

Antioch City Council Meeting

Tuesday, October 11
7:00 pm
200 H Street, City of Antioch
Full Agenda + Presentation: Click Here

Known 2022 Shootings


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MyOpinion Oct 10, 2022 - 12:58 pm

That’s how you know our city has gone to downhill. Sad.

ME Oct 10, 2022 - 1:47 pm

Are we still waiting on the new dash cams and body cams?
I hope they approve this because Antioch is working real hard on becoming the next Stockton n Oakland. This isn’t about left or right, it’s about safety for the community.

Wilco Over and Out Oct 12, 2022 - 11:07 am

What good is a zillion dollar Shot Spotter system if it is easily defeated by a drunk lunatic, as proven by past events?

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