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by ECT

Comment Policy (UPDATED 1/11/2021)

East County Today encourages are readers to make comments and discuss issues. We ask that you keep it clean and resist from personal attacks.

While we admit we do not want to be the “comment police”, out of good conscious we will do it when requested. A good rule to follow is the “Grandma Rule” which states that if you wouldn’t want to your grandma to see it… don’t post it!

We understand some topics are considered “hot topics” and will get folks fired up, but lets have a discussion of ideas, not a fight between two people.

A few guidelines so your comment will not be removed:

  • All comments will be approved.
  • No indirect attacks, name calling, or insults (this includes racial undertones)
  • No inciting violence
  • No foul language
  • No threats – if its severe, we may even report it to local law enforcement
  • No trolling or baiting
  • Do not pretend to be someone else – yes, we can verify if we have to.
  • We encourage you not to post personal or identifiable information besides your name
  • Do not “play” or use multiple names. If it becomes abused, you will either be banned or all comments deleted in that thread.
  • Please allow up to 24-hours for comments to be approved. Most likely, they will be approved much faster.

We are not perfect and should comments slip through the moderation process, if you feel like it should be flagged, please email burk @eastcountytoday.net so that it can reviewed a second time. Please include link and if you can, copy and paste comment.