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by ECT

Thank you for considering working with EastCountyToday.net. Our 2021 Ad Rates are now available and given the COVID-19 pandemic, we are working with our clients on cost and may even include some content to assist them in reaching their core target audience.

For more information on advertising plans, contact Mike at [email protected].

Our goal is to help promote our clients to the local community through a win-win partnership. We admit we are not just selling you ad space, but we are providing you an engaged and loyal audience as well.

New – Have Opened Up Our Social Media

For the first time, EastCountyToday will be opening up our multiple social media channels for
marketing promotions. In this program, we will post your content, specials, photographs on our
platforms to create maximum exposure and helpdrive you traffic and help keep you in front of the
public each month. Introductory rates available through April 1, 2021.

Email Us today: [email protected]

2021 Advertising Options

  • Gold Sponsor (Banner Ad) – available
  • Silver Sponsor (ad below each article) – available
  • Bronze Sponsor (300 x 500 pixel sidebar ad + 1 piece of content) – available
  • Sidebar Banner rotates among different advertisers each day.
    • 300 x 150 pixels – available
    • 300 x 200 pixels – available
    • 300 x 300 pixels – available

For our full advertising and partnership options and media kit, email us for rates.

Content Marketing Solutions

We offer marketing/branding solutions by working with you to create and produce content for your website or social media accounts. We can also manage your social media pages to help increase exposure and opportunities with your target audience.

Services include:

  • Social Media Management + content production + coaching
  • Video Marketing
  • Photography
  • Sponsored columns on ECT. One column per industry at a time.
  • Real Estate Promotional Packages
  • Business Profiles

For more information on advertising plans, contact Mike at [email protected].