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Currently, with many local businesses shuttered and we all are trying to get through the COVID-19 pandemic, even ECT is not immune to the impacts of the virus.

With a loss of income due to lost advertising revenue, donations now more than ever help.

Simply put, EastCountyToday.net loves what we do and are committed to bringing local news as it breaks to our readers across Contra Costa County — at no charge!

It is true, we do not charge for our service, our stories, our event calendar, or any other form of content we put out. We do not plan on ever going to a subscription model.

We do, however, accept donations!

For those who appreciate and enjoy our content, perhaps you would consider a small donation to keep the site running. Donations could be one-time or monthly.

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How Much Should I Donate?
That is entirely up to you. Whether its $1 per month ($12 per year), $25 annually, or more, ECT is forever grateful for any donation while believing in this product.

By donating, you will help EastCountyToday continue to stay online and grow. We hope to continue to be your number one news source for providing local news in East Contra Costa County.

Keeping News Local

Local newspapers and websites are withering away each year.  In small towns and communities across the United States, a local paper seems like it is becoming a thing of the past, but our goal is to keep the community informed on what is happening in our local government, schools, and community.

Every donation counts and again, thank you for your support.