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Antioch Police Chief Provides 2022 Crime Data

by ECT

On Tuesday, Antioch Police Chief Steve Ford provided a presentation of the Crime and Activity report for the City of Antioch. The chief provided information on the first quarter crime activity within the city.

The report comes more than 2-years since the council last allowed the police chief to present the data to both the council and the community—and several weeks after the city fulfilled a public records request to release the data.

The public records request was issued April 20. Here is the data released.

Part 1 Crimes201920202021
Aggravated Assault343400540
Total Violent Crime648592746
Larceny – Theft207816821385
Vehicle – Theft610573553
Total Property Crime319927192273
Part 1 Crime Totals390633583059

Response Times

Response Times- Received to Officer Arrival201920202021
Priority 100:08:2300:07:3600:08:49
Priority 200:27:1400:22:2200:25:59
Priority 300:32:4900:22:4700:27:04
Priority 400:34:0600:27:0500:21:25

Antioch Police Chief Presentation

However on Tuesday, the Antioch Police Department opted to break down the 2022 data for the first four months of the year showcasing that overall part 1-crime was at -8.14%. Meanwhile, response times

During the presentation, the Chief inserted new data showing that so far in 2022, a total of 69 firearms have been recovered – 26 being ghost guns. In 2021, a total of 304 were recovered with 102 being ghost guns and in 2020, 273 firearms were recovered with 82 being ghost guns.

Response times for priority 1 calls have increased for the third straight year going from 7:36 in 2020, in to 8-minutes and 58 seconds in 2021. In 2022, the number for 2022 to date is 9:01 minutes.

Sideshows: The chief reported that over 40 sideshow related calls for service have occurred so far in 2022 with approximately 92 sideshow related calls for service in 2021. In 2022, there have been 4 arrests and 10 vehicles seized for sideshow activity.

Use of Force: in 2021, out of 89,016 calls for service, force was used in just 111 incidents (0.125% of calls).  In 2022, between January and May, just 4 use of force incidents were reported.

Officer complaints: in 2022, there have been just 2 complaints while in 2021 there have been 23, in 2020 there were 24 and in 2019 there were 26.

The chief said he expects 7-10 more officers to return from injury or admin leave within the next few weeks and will be reinserting the Antioch PIO position to work with the community and with the media.

For the full presentation & power point slides, visit: https://www.antiochca.gov/fc/government/agendas/CityCouncil/2022/agendas/061422/061422.pdf

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