Updated: 1 Dead, 6 Injured in Saturday Morning Vasco Accident



East Contra Costa Fire Protection District Crews responded to a major vehicle accident that occurred at 9:36 am on Vasco Road at Marsh Creek. As Engine 52 arrived on scene, it was immediately upgraded to a tier 1 multi-casualty incident based on the number of injured.   Engine 52 immediately request additional resources in the form of 2 additional fire engines to work on extrication of patients, 3 ambulances and 3 medical helicopters.

“The important thing is the first engine gets on scene and makes initial assessment and orders additional resources. Getting the first engine on scene quickly is the priority and the captain did a good job of the assessment the ordering of the equipment,” said Chief Hugh Henderson.

According to ECCFPD Chief Hugh Henderson, here is a breakdown of the patients and where they were transported:

  • three adults by medical helicopter to John Muir trauma center
  • two juveniles by medical helicopter to Children’s Hospital in Oakland
  • two juveniles were ground transported by AMR to Children’s Hospital in Oakland

The chief encourages drivers to remain cautious and drive defensively to reduce the risk of an accident.

“As we are in the summer months that we have a lot of extra people on our roads from out of the area. People need to drive defensively and make it a priority,” said Chief Henderson. “Be prepared for the unexpected.”

The California Highway Patrol is currently investigating this incident.

Update: 3:30 pm

We have been told a woman has died from this mornings crash on Vasco Rd. The names, ages and hometowns of the victims were not released and the survivors’ conditions have not yet been made available.

Photo courtesy of Nate Anderson

vasco accident

DISCLAIMER: Some of the photos below are graphic that some of my readers may find disturbing please use viewer discretion.  Faces have been blurred of the victims.


The photo below is courtesy of Kyndl Buzas

vasco accident 2


  1. Let me guess, out of town cherry pickers? If so, something has got to be done to step up traffic enforcement during harvest time. This happens EVERY YEAR. If Brentwood is going to continue this event, then they better start paying for some extra police to patrol the area during the weekends. I don’t think I have ever seen a patrol car in the area….ever.

    The people that come here to buy fruit and vegetables drive like there are no traffic laws, often making u turns in the middle of the road (and on coming traffic).

    How long can the Mayor, the council (with one who claims to be a farmer) turn a blind eye?

    Hopefully everyone involved is ok. I guess we will know soon enough.

    • actually er, it was a brentwood local that was killed in the accident and the driver of the vehicle that went through the intersection, had nothing to do with ur rant against cherry picking

  2. I concur with Easy Reader. The nuts driving are exactly why we no longer go out there. Hope these folks will be ok.

  3. This looks horrible! I hope everyone is ok. It is scary to drive out there. Out of towers trying to find their way around and now the roads have changed, it can cause confusion and speed of course is a major issue. But whatever the cause, my prayers go out to them.

  4. That’s ridiculous to say the the city of Brentwood should have to pay for more police force. Maybe people should learn how to drive safely.

  5. Nice photos Nate and good reporting EastCountyToday as the CC Times is behind you all again. Glad I saw your post before heading to Dublin, I took Highway 4 instead through Walnut Creek

  6. These accidents are tragic, but it should be known that Caltrans, and the California Highway Patrol have jurisdiction over the bypass, which is now State route 4.

    this area is outside of the Brentwood City limits.

  7. It’s easy for somebody unfamiliar to the area to get rolling along on those country roads and miss a stop sign. Some accidents are unavoidable and who knows if this one could have been prevented if either driver could have seen the other one coming. Never hurts to glance both ways before entering an intersection.

  8. Lets not jump to blaming out of towners. The aggressive, selfish driving I see EVERY DAY on Vasco during commute is aphauling. On the slowness of traffic limits the accidents. Attitude adjustments seriously needed.

  9. Just read on Times site that a woman passed away at the hospital from this accident. No information was given as to what automobile she was in. So sad

  10. After seeing the carnage it’s a wonder more weren’t instantly killed. Still wondering if the involved were locals. I don’t believe somebody would go through a red light on purpose. Somebody just missed a stop I’m guessing. RIP to all that have died on those hazardous back-roads.

  11. Running red lights is apparently an East County phenomena…..We were at the light on 4bypass and Balfour when it turned green and fortunately the truck in front of us hesitated……as THREE cars whizzed by……..We have witnessed this multiple times (usually just one car)around town. It only takes one distracted or inpatient driver to cause such an awful chain of events for themselves and innocent others.

  12. KTVU just reported that the Minivan broadsided the Charger, and that the Charger ran the red light. The deceased was the female driver of the Charger, and so far, the only death.

  13. Wow! I am amazed at some the comments you all left?! I have lived here for over 35 years and a lot of this area has changed with the roads and such. You all should be ashamed at what is being said! Yes the woman driving the Charger ran a red light and is dead. Yes she was to blame. The other family could have lived in this area or not. But there were children involved and other people injured. You no nothing of this family and yet you judge. There are a lot of people that drive safe and still get in bad accidents with unsafe drivers. You should be praying for the families and for your selves, sitting in judgment thinking nothing bad will ever happen to you. Karma is just around the bend!

    • Why should I be ashamed of what others say? The right of others to say stupid things, smart things, or inane things is as much their right, as it is your right to tell all of us to be ashamed. While I applaud you on your decorum and restraint at joining in on the bashing, I won’t go so far as to feel ashamed for what others say. I’ll just continue instead to feel proud of the service I gave to our country for over 20 years defending their right to say stupid things, and leave it at that.
      Good luck changing the rhetoric of the masses hiding safely behind their keyboards!

      • I guess I need to be a little more detailed in some of my writings. I figured in saying “you all should be ashamed at what is being said” was pertaining to the first sentence I wrote, which was “am amazed at some of the comments you all left”. Should of said “most of you” and that would have fit with “some of”. I figure that if you are not guilty of something, then you should know it doesn’t pertain to you. And thank you for your service of over 20 years. I also have had many friends and family that have served this country. I do agree with freedom of speech. I do have a hard time with the small minded people that feel safe in hiding behind their keyboards. (not pertaining to you, thou I have read some of your past comments on other stories where I have felt you need to change your name from medium rare to well done!) And that good mean bad or good?! Thanks for wishing me luck too. From the looks of things I’m going to need it! I feel if I can open the mind of one person and they can pass it forward, then there is hope for change and compassion. And no I don’t see the world thru rose colored glasses. I just try everyday to do one nice act of kindness and hope it gets multiplied. Smile!

  14. everyone just needs to slow down !!! In town or out of town there is no place that can’t wait an extra couple of min. to get there safe. Thoughts and prayers to all involved.

  15. Slow down and drive defensively. It would prevent a lot of accidents and deaths. Its sad to me that a split second decision has caused a woman to lose her life and change the lives of others forever. God bless the fire and ambulance crews on this incident.

  16. This is another awful accident in a long list of accidents. Just this weekend I was driving down Laurel Rd and 2 cars full of young adults passed us. Estimated speed 65. 2 motorcycles racing down E. Cypress. Estimated speed 75-80. Red light runner at Main Street. Good thing I have a habit of checking both direction before I start into the intersection. Until there is a serious, no excuse, give everyone a ticket effort by ALL the law enforcement agencies in ECC, we will continue to see accidents. But the reality is that will not happen. Traffic enforcement is a low priority due to staffing and budget.

    Before any one tries to blame the road, stop and think. Before a light turns red, there is a yellow light. That light means CAUTION, the light is changing to red. STOP. Instead, time after time I see people speeding up to make the light, I even heard on the news that the City of Belmont is removing their red light cameras because there has been way too many rear-end collisions. People are stopping for the yellow light and getting rear-ended!

    Could this have been avoided? YES. Slow down, pay attention to the road and obey traffic laws.

  17. Tragic. I drive through there often and I agree with Easy Reader and many of these comments. Whether it was the case here or not, “Harvest Time” brings a lot of unfamiliar (and bad) drivers into our community. Since Brentwood supports, sponsors and reaps benefits, I would suggest they become more proactive. I have personally seen Brentwood PD patrolling on Vasco all the way out to Byron (Camino Diablo). Saying they have no responsibility is a cop out. This is in Brentwood’s area of interest at the very least. Do they not work with Caltrans and the CHP or do they live in a bubble while we are victimized by their lack of action? To deny that there is increased traffic incidents brought on by out of towners during the annual harvest is unconscionable and it has been covered by the media more than a few times. It’s time to wake up!

    It’s crazy to think we can prevent all of these accidents but it would be nice to see some proactive steps taken in the future. After all, It would be the right thing to do.

    • At the risk of entering into an illogical and circular argument with you, what “proactive steps ” would you suggest? I’m not sure what that is. The person who allegedly caused this ran a red light, and may have been distracted. How do you stop that? Even if BWPD had been there when the accident occurred, what would you suggest they do? Let’s assume that all of the BWPD units on shift that morning were strategically placed in each direction, what then? Ram the car at the last minute as it crossed the limit line in clear violation of the red light? What? What proactive measures could possibly have been in place to prevent this tragedy?
      We already have measures to avoid this, getting trained and passing a written and practical exam prior to issuance of drivers licenses; laws in place to limit speed and regulate traffic flow; heck, we even have laws now that state texting and using your phone are illegal (yet I can still seemingly drive down the road with a quarter pounder with cheese and a super sized coke in my lap, and fiddle with my 8 Track stereo). You can’t legislate out stupidity, ignorance, and inattention to the task at hand.
      So, what measures of a proactive nature would you propose?
      I know what I’d do, put in overpasses or lower the speed limit and enforce the limit heavily. Maybe make the intersection a 4 way stop with rumble strips on approach.
      Before you get snarky, know this, I’m asking you thoughtfully, to engage in a discussion, not make you look stupid. I really want to know what you’d do. Thanks!

      • @ Medium rare and extremely slow,

        I know you aren’t that clever, but are you really that slow? (Rhetorical question)

        Don’t worry your pretty little head over the thought of a circular argument. It isn’t going to happen…you just aren’t worth the keystrokes.

        Your rant was entertaining though. Seriously.

        i wish you luck with your own form of “distracted driving” and actually believing that it isn’t a ticketable offense. I guess some people just have to learn the hard way. For some particular reason, you strike me as that type.

        Thanks for the laughs.

        • Why bother trying to actually have a reasonable discussion, right? Dude, you are seriously flawed as a human being.

    • I’d like to apologize for my sons behavior. You see, we dropped him several times on his head when he was a baby, and I believe that has caused him to turn in to a raving lunatic. The Doctors said he’d never fully recover, and it seems all he can do is move a mouse and a spoon, but not both at the same time. I’ll go down to the basement now, change his depends, give him his Fruit Loops and play his favorite re-run of Gilligans Island. That will usually calm him down a bit.

      • Oh your hysterical! Really.

        Hope you didn’t waste too much time on that. Besides, it’s past your bedtime rookie.


        • Don’t worry big bro. Mom told me the voices in your head will go away as soon as you show respect for others. I told her your always mean to everyone you play with. Mama said she still loves you and that maybe one day you will understand how to play with others nicely. I told her I would pray for you.

          • I told you he wouldn’t be able to go out on his own. He can’t even live in the basement without causing trouble. You always were the good one in the family. I’m so glad one of my children didn’t end up with brain damage.

    • The minivan family is a family from brentwood who attend church at St Anthonys catholic church in Oakley. They are a very involved in their community!

  18. i live a couple hundred yards from this intersection. This area has become very dangerous. Its dangerous for us entering and exiting our drive way. Two days ago I seen a truck run a red turn lane light and almost do a head on with the oncoming traffic.

  19. To Easy Rider, CHP does patrol this area pretty regularly. A couple weeks ago we could not get to town because these cherry picking mofo’s had Walnut Blvd stopped with no movement for 20 mins. They sit in the road until a parking space become available. The owners of these orchards need to take responsibility. For the people who still think cherry’s are ripe…..THEY ARE NOT. STOP COMING DOWN OUR DRIVEWAY AND ASKING.

  20. odge Charger was reported to be heading west on Marsh Creek; minivan was reported to be heading south on Vasco Rd. At 9:30 AM, it’s unlikely van was returning from cherry pickin’.

    It’s the last intersection with traffic lights before south on Vasco through the hills and visibility is good for Vasco Rd drivers. Plz look left and right even if the light is green.

  21. So very sad, passed this accident around 10:40 Saturday morning. The site was horrific. Prayers to the families involved. I have a 16 year old that just got his license last Wednesday. It scares me everyday, this could happen to any of us. So, take your time out there, pause a moment before you go through an intersection, put down your cell phones, and please don’t text…pay attention, accidents aren’t planned and can change your life and others in an instant. Be safe out there!

  22. @Cathy, the driver of the Charger was identified yesterday in the Times but I have not heard who the family was in the minivan or how they are recovering.

  23. LLAB, you made my day. All it takes is a small gesture of kindness, I look forward to some good discussions concerning our community in the future with you. Have a great week!

    • Older female was said to be with child. Lost the child/ still in the hospital, child still recovering from injuries

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