Sand Creek Project Moves Closer Towards Lane Shifting


Here is a little update on the Sand Creek expansion project in Brentwood as I had the chance to speak with Ivan Ramirez, Senior Engineer,  yesterday for a few minutes. He informed me that the project is ahead of schedule and under budget at this time.

Last week, crews paved asphalt the road and are now putting on the finishing touches before moving traffic onto the new alignment so they can begin work on the current road which backs up from Sand Creek to Lone Tree Way.  

Look for lane shifting to occur in late August to early September as crews make the final push towards completion which is expected in . The project is in Spring 2014.


Sand Creek June 2013 Sand Creek 2 June 2013 Sand Creek 3 June 2013

SR 4 Sand Creek Rd. Interchange and 4-Lane Widening

The Sand Creek Road Interchange Project will widen SR4 from 2 to 4 lanes (2 in each direction) from Lone Tree Way to Sand Creek Road.  The project also includes the construction of the Sand Creek Road Interchange and will provide a median wide enough to accommodate mass transit.

These improvements will result in much needed congestion relief and improve mobility for the residents of East Contra Costa County.

For more information, visit the Project Website

All photos provided by CCTA


  1. On time and within budget… hmmm, maybe Mr. Ramirez should take over the Bay Bridge project.
    Maybe Mr. Ramirez should take over the Bay Bridge project…. since he seems to understand how to project manage within time and budget perimeters.

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