Photos: Afternoon Fire Destroys Mobile Home on Bethel Island


At 2:08pm, the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District responded to a residential fire on Gateway Road on Bethel Island which destroyed a mobile home. With limited resources available, Engines 93 and 94 responded with a water tender.  

Crews worked quickly to put out the fire which in the attic and the roof—it should be noted residents of the trailer park did their part to put water on the trailer prior to crews arriving which helped the situation by keeping the structure damp. Fire crews were forced to remove a majority of the roof as a precaution.

Crews were on scene for roughly 1-hour and 10-minutes. The cause of the fire appears to be from a spark as work was being done inside the vacant trailer.  No other structure was damaged and no one was injured.

Note: Prior to this incident, a vegetation fire broke out on Vasco Road which tied up Engines 52, 54  and 59 which means all of our resources were committed. During this time, a medical call in Brentwood came in which was handled by Engine 88 from Antioch near Empire and Lone Tree Way.



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