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Ironhouse Sanitary District Reopens Recycled Water Fill Station July 14

by ECT

When Ironhouse Sanitary District (ISD) reopens the Residential Recycled Water Fill Station on Tuesday, July 14, new procedures will be in place to keep everyone safe. There will no longer be an attendant on duty to check-in users at the Fill Station building.

Everyone will be required to wear masks when outside of their vehicles, as well as remain six feet apart for other users and District staff. These guidelines are in place as the Corona Virus continues to be a public health concern.

The Residential Recycled Water Fill Station will be open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., during which District personnel will be on the ISD’s grounds completing their day-to-day activities should there be a need for assistance. The District’s Main Office building is closed to the public, however, there is an intercom system at the front door available for those who need assistance.

ISD remains committed to helping customers save water by offering the District’s high-quality recycled water, especially as California sees another year of severe drought in the Contra Costa County region. The Fill Station is open to those who would like to take advantage of the district’s recycled water to use on lawns, as well as irrigating trees and vegetable gardens.

This service is available to customers who live within the District’s service area of Oakley and Bethel Island. Those who do not live within the service area can sign-up for the service for a nominal fee of $1 per fill-up of up to 300 gallons at one time. All customers need to bring their containers, up to 300 gallons, to collect their recycled water to take home and can make as many visits back per day, during open hours, as they wish.

New customers are welcome. Applications are available on the District’s website at www.ironhousesanitarydistrict.com under the Recycled Water Fill Station tab. Those who sign up will be required to make an appointment with District staff for a short training period.

Ironhouse first opened its Residential Recycled Water Fill Station in June 2015 when more than 800 people signed up to use the fill station during the first summer season. Although there has been a slow down over the past couple of years there are still a core group of dedicated users who return regularly for water to irrigate lawns, trees, and gardens. Recycled water can also be used to wash cars and clean off driveways and decks. Ironhouse’s recycled water is not to be used for drinking, cooking, bathing, or swimming pools.

For information on the safety of using recycled water during the COVID-19 pandemic see California’s Recycled Water and Treated Wastewater Is Safe from the COVID-19 Virus(https://www.ironhousesanitarydistrict.com/DocumentCenter/View/1436/recycled_and_treated_ww_safe_from_covid19_factsheet) put together by the California State Water Resource Control Board.

For more information see Ironhouse’s website at http://ironhousesanitarydistrict.com/230/Recycled-Water or call (925) 625-2279.

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