Firefighters Battle Multiple Residential Fires Monday in East County



At 1:12 pm, East Contra Costa Fire Protection District and the Contra Costa County Fire Protection District responded to a residential structure fire on Teakwood Ct. off Gamay Circle Monday afternoon.

The incident, which should be considered a “save”, began as a yard fire which ashes then caught the roof on fire. Given the wind and neighboring homes in danger, fire crews limited the fire to the roof area above the garage and saved the home.

Upon arrival, three large cypress trees were on fire with a resident and neighbor attempting to put water on the flames with a hose. Meanwhile, Oakley Police were on hand trying to keep observers under control and prevent neighbors from running into the home.

The fire was reported under control at roughly 1:35 pm while it was fully extinguished by 1:49 pm. The incident is still under investigation and its estimated that the total cost of damage is $60,000. Due to smoke damage, the residents have been displaced.

  • Engine 93:  6:11 minutes
  • Engine 81: 8:11 minutes
  • Engine 94: 9:24 minutes
  • Engine 88: 10:06 minutes
  • Engine 82: 13:23 minutes
  • Engine 54: 20: 27 minutes
  • Engine 85: 22:70 minutes
  • Engine 52: 29:11 Minutes

*note: response times are from when the fire was reported to when the engine arrived on scene. Not all engines were dispatched at the time the fire was reported as this was a two-alarm fire.

Other fires include:

Poppy St, Brentwood:  At 8:41 pm, ECCFPD responded to a residential structure fire on Poppy St. in Brentwood. The fire was reported as a chimney fire. Upon arrival, crews stated the fire was out and they were on scene for roughly 40-minutes investigation.

Greenhall Way, Antioch: At 3:42 pm, CONFIRE responded to a residential structure fire that started as a car fire inside a garage. The fire was contained to the garage area and crews were on scene for roughly 40-minutes.

W. Cypress Rd, Oakley: At 3:12 pm, ECCFPD was mopping up the Teakwood Fire incident when they responded to a basement fire. Upon arrival, nothing was showing, however, crews were waved in by residents and upon investigation spotted a small fire and quickly put it out. Crews were on scene for roughly and 90-minutes investigating.

Del Mar Ct., Discovery Bay:  At 8:30 am, ECCFPD responded to a report of a residential structure fire in Discovery Bay on the 2400 block of Del Mar Ct. Originally, crews stated their appeared to be a fire underneath the home, however, it was determined to look like a fire based off light reflection after opening up the vent.  Crews were on scene for 27-minutes.


  1. Sure is a lot of CONFIRE resources for an Oakley fire. Besides that, fantastic photographs!

  2. For god’s sake people, check your chimneys and vents. Dispose of your ashes properly. Make sure that they are completely out before you put them in the trash. Every year its the same thing, house fires because people have lost the skills to maintain a fire/fireplace. I will never forget reading about a family that lost their entire home because they cleaned out their fireplace, put the ashes in a PAPER BAG and put them in the garage to cool off. DUH!! Get a metal bucket with a lid. We cool ours and then put it in the compose pile.

  3. Great work East Contra Costa Fire Protection District and to the Contra Costa County Fire Protection District on saving the home and neighboring homes. With eight engines on the incident, it highlights the need to ensure East County has at least a minimum of five stations open. I would have hated to see firefighters respond with just three engines.

  4. With all the fires yesterday, it should squash the idea of bringing in volunteer firefighters. Under that type of scenario, it could have been a disaster for not one home, but many homes.

  5. Don’t know how you do it Burk. ECT is everywhere! The CCTimes cannot hold a candle to you. Thanks for the up to date photos and information. You are fantastic

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