California Flood Preparedness Week: Be Aware, Be Prepared, and Take Action


Delta Protection Commision

As part of 2013 California Flood Preparedness Week, the Delta Protection Commission will be hosting a Flood Preparedness Information Table for Delta residents on November 9th. Please stop by to learn more about your flood risks and how you and your family can take action to prepare for a flood emergency.

The Flood Preparedness Information Table event will be held on Saturday November 9, 2013 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and located in downtown Walnut Grove near the boat ramp.

The event will have an emergency preparedness kit display and lists of what to buy to make your own kit. Resources will also be available to help you create your own emergency preparedness plan.

Residents can also learn more about the Sacramento Regional Emergency Alert System and register for emergency notifications onsite with the Sacramento Police Department.

For more information, visit:  or call the Delta Protection Commission at (916) 375-4800.

The Delta Protection Commission, created under the 1992 Delta Protection Act, is a State Commission comprised of 15 members representing Delta cities and counties, reclamation districts and water agencies, and State agencies. The Commission provides a forum for Delta residents to engage in decisions regarding actions to recognize and enhance the unique cultural, recreation, and agricultural resources of the Delta.