Measure C: Be Sure to Cast Your Vote By 8:00 pm



The residents of Antioch have already cast 8,082 absentee ballots and today voters have until 8:00 pm to go to their designated precincts to either support or reject Measure C.

If you still have a mail-in ballot, just fill it out and drop it off at ANY polling place by the time polls close.

Today’s focus should be about simply encouraging residents to cast a vote as the information has been shared and the debate has taken place over the past few months. By voting, you are honoring the veterans of this country who fought hard and sacrificed in order to allow us all the privilege to cast a vote of free will in any election.

While we have voiced our support of the measure and some of our readers have voiced their rejection of the measure–that is okay.  It is the disagreements we are allowed to have that makes this country so great. Regardless of the outcome, tomorrow is a new day and a new chapter will begin. But we can’t reach that point if people do not vote.

“Whether or not you agree with the tax, educate yourself on Measure C and make an educated vote before 8:00 pm,” said Antioch Police Chief Allan Cantando.

According to one city councilperson who we will not name, they voted around noontime and stated that they were number 47 in the precinct so they hope more people get out and vote.

The City Council has stated that if the Measure Passes, the ½ cent sales tax with a 7-year sunset will help hire 22-additional police officers.

For those in Antioch who need to find their polling place, visit the Contra Costa County Elections Division


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