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Video: Oakley Police Press Conference on Alexis Gabe Case

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On Monday, the Oakley Police Department held a press conference to provide an update on the Alexis Gabe case after remains were located in Plymouth CA last week.

Gabe went missing in January and is believed to have been killed by her ex-boyfriend, Marshall Jones. Whom police killed when he came at law enforcement armed with a knife in June.

Chief Paul Beard, Oakley Police

  • Alexis Gabe was reported missing on January 27, 2022 when she did not return home from the home of Marshall Curtis Jones
  • Marshall Curtis Jones was an Antioch resident and former boyfriend
  • Alexis Gabe vehicle located in Oakley on Trenton and Carrington in City of Oakley
  • Officer Rod County took the case, detectives immediately began investigation
  • Oakley Police Chief Paul Beard says case has been worked on everyday
  • Tyler Horn focused on Marshal Jones, joined Antioch Police in co-investigation and determined Marsh Jones was responsible for murder of Alexis Gabe. Arrest Warrant was issued for Jones from Contra Costa County District Attorneys Office.
  • Marshal Jones was killed in Washington by police officers as they attempted to take him into custody.
  • Several areas were of interest in Amador County for the remains of Gabe.
  • Jackson Road, Highway 16 was an area Jones traveled on — note left by Jones led police to have a strong interest in Pioneer, CA. Dug in several areas and drained a pond. Police also returned to area in past few months.
  • Amador County was exactly where investigators needed to be per police chief.

Det. Tyler Horn, Oakley Police

  • On Thursday, November 3 both Oakley Police and Antioch Police investigators received call from deputies in Amador County regarding remains located along Highway 16 near Plymouth. A tip was emailed provided by a citizen visiting the region from Alaska. The citizen was medal detecting and happened upon what he thought was human remains. Investigators went to the scene – later determined to be Gabe.
  • On November 4, Oakley Police and Antioch Police arrived on scene and search parties searched a ½ mile radius around the discovery of the remains in an attempt to locate additional remains, no additional remains were discovered.
  • Horn did not get into specifics of what remains were discovered, other items located were earrings, black garbage bags and duct tape were also found.
  • Condition of remains did not lead to a specific manner of death but confident remains were separated from one another and scattered into several areas.
  • Criminal Aspect of case ceased on June 1 when sole suspect Marshal Jones was killed in exchange with police in Washington state—the homicide investigation is complete.

Det. John Cox, Antioch Police

  • Says Marshall Jones did not cooperate with investigation and was killed and took the “cowards way out”
  • Although another arrest was made in this case, wanted to make it clear Marshall Jones was sole perpetrator in this case.
  • Not enough evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that a crime was committed by anybody else but Marshall Jones.
  • Over 20 law enforcement agencies who assisted with investigation

“I want to point out how relentless Mr. Gabe was who kept his daughter Alexis in the forefront of many of our minds,” said Beard. “Mr. Gabe has absolutely fought for his daughter and has honored her. I also commend the community of Oakley for standing behind Alexis and the Gabe family so strongly.”

Gwyn Gabe, Father

“When Detective Horn called me asking for our dentist phone number, I knew something was up. They came to our house Friday night to tell us about their discovery. While it was what we were praying to find Alexis and lay her to rest, the reality was still devastating to hear,” said Gabe. “Our hearts were shattered even more than what we thought possible. Deep inside we were still holding onto hope that she is okay. And she was out there somewhere waiting to be rescued and reunited with us.”

He continued, stating there were still so many questions left to be answered and was unsure if there would ever be any closure in the loss of Alexis.

“Her heartless and premediated murder, the cold blooded way her body was desecrated and cowardly way her murderer chose to evade responsibility for his wrongdoings, but despite all the pain, anger, frustration and grief, we are somehow relieved she has been found and we can finally bring her home,” said Gabe. “We pray that our daughter can be at piece knowing her family and community gave their all to find her and we will continue to find her because we will not stop until the rest of her remains are found.”

He thanked law enforcement and the anonymous donor who put up half of the reward money and the Klass Foundation.

Question & Answers

      • Murder believed to have occurred in City of Antioch
      • Do not believe Alexis left Marshalls house Alive (per Det. Cox)
      • Up to 60 search warrants issues plus wiretap investigation. Nothing found to sway them that Marshall Jones was the suspect.
      • Any other suspects? No further cooperation from others, no evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that anyone other than Marshall Jones was responsible.
      • Note was discovered in a relative’s home in Vacaville – early on in investigation and while Marshall Jones was still alive. He copied off google maps because he didn’t want his phone on.
      • Police could not determine a connection of why Alexis Gabe’s body was left in Pioneer, CA
      • Police said they did not search that area before and focused on intersection of Jackson and Bradshaw—this was 25-min away via vehicle.
      • Believe he transported her in his vehicle and have DNA evidence in the back of his vehicle.
      • Cox said there was only a few days where they did not know where Jones was located and he was being watched off and on while they had wire tap and 30-days of wiretap beginning April 25.
      • Chief Beard acknowledged Jones family has been less than cooperative but nothing in the past week that would change any decisions that have been made by a District Attorney’s Office or Police Department. Joint team did put together detailed investigation of all parties involved with this case and that investigation was delivered to District Attorney’s Office. There will be no further traction on that.

Oakley Press Release

The following was released by the Oakley Police Department on Friday:

Yesterday afternoon a local resident of the Plymouth, California area discovered something suspicious that was thought to be human remains. Plymouth California is in the County of  Amador. The resident notified the Amador County Sheriff’s Office of what was found and members of the Amador County Sheriff’s Office responded to the area and did recover the remains. Due to the time of day and diminishing daylight it was determined it would be best to keep watch over the area and initiate a more thorough investigation this morning. Members of the Oakley Police Department and the Antioch Police Department responded to the Plymouth area early this morning to assist with the investigation. The specific location is an area just off of Jackson Road in Plymouth. The area of where Alexis’ remains were found have been searched further  and no other remains have been located.

The collaborative investigation did confirm the partial remains were human. A forensic odontologist responded to the Amador County Sheriff’s Office facility to examine the remains. The forensic odontologist positively identified the remains as those of Alexis Gabe.

The Gabe family has been notified and they are requesting respect and privacy during this time of mourning.

Jackson Road is an area we identified early on as an area where Marshall Curtis Jones travelled to in the hours and days after Alexis was reported as missing.

Due to the nature of the condition of Alexis’ remains, and the lack of her full body, we do believe the remainder of her remains are scattered in various areas.

Due to the condition of Alexis’ remains we realize there may never be a full recovery of her. The City of Oakley has determined there will be no extensions of reward funds for any future remains that may be found.

A press conference will be scheduled for early next week and we will provide details for the date and time as soon as possible.

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