ECCFPD Board Tables Cost Recovery Plan Until After June Election


The East Contra Costa Fire Protection District tabled two items for next July in an effort to focus their attention on a revenue enhancement as their FEMA Grant is set to expire in November 2014 which will likely shutter two stations.

The Board heard a brief presentation from Fire Recovery USA on a cost recovery plan that would generate an estimated $150,000 by billing for services. The estimate was given by using the timeline of October 1, 2012 through September 30, 2013 the district responded to a total of 381 vehicle accidents and utilized 25 medical helicopters.

Per prior Board discussion, the Board had wanted a policy to bill non-residents; however, due to Proposition 26, Fire Recovery USA recommends you bill both non-residents and residents for District services.

According to Chief Henderson, the Board already does bill through CONFIRE for false alarm fires which helps towards investigation costs.

“It would be wise to table it until the next fiscal year,” stated Chief Hugh Henderson.

The Board agreed with the staff recommendation to postpone this discussion until after the June election.

Kevin Graves, Discovery Bay, and Mark Whitlock, Bethel Island, spoke about how the Board should focus their attention on the revenue enhancement and not worry about a $150k check when they need a revenue enhancement to keep stations open.

The Board also tabled the idea of forming Community Facility Districts in Subdivisions until next year.

Focused on the Summer Lakes CFD, which is located within the City of Oakley, it was formed by Contra Costa County in 2004 for 629 parcels.  This CFD was established to assist the District with operational needs related to the new growth. The initial cost per parcel of $200 has the ability to increase in accordance with inflation. In this current fiscal year of 2013/14 the District is expected to receive approximately $155,000, which will be used to help provide emergency responses within the Community Facilities District.

To establish new committees as desired, this requires a major time commitment in working with the cities of Brentwood and Oakley along with Contra Costa County.  The issue should pop up next July.

Chief Henderson provided an operational report which stated for the month of October, the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District ran a total of 537 calls for service with an average response time of 7:11 minutes. This was an increase from September where their response time was 6:36.

Board President Joel Bryant stated during the meeting that he met with the East Contra Costa Republican Party and that it was a good meeting and he will be providing them additional information about the District.

Agenda and Staff Report


  1. Ok lets have some fun. Last month the Fire Board formed up a committee to put together goals for Chief Henderson. I think that we should make some suggestions. How about leaping tall buildings-saves buying ladders. Walking on water-great for those water rescues in Discovery Bay, build a transporter to beam fire crews and engines to incidents-save on gas and wear on engines not to mention payroll and pension costs,

    Anyone else?????????

  2. Barbara,
    If I was a woman I would click my heels three times and wish I was back in Discovery Bay when two fire stations were open.I could pour water on all the no voters and make them melt away slowly.

    • More like his parents left him alone and forgot to shut down the computer.

      Must be one of the mentally challenged discovery bay clowns.

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