Daily Question: Should High Schools Go Cell Phone-Free?


Daily Question: Daily Question: Should High Schools Go Cell Phone-Free?

This week, it was reported that San Mateo High School has gone to a cell phone free environment for High School students after having received the Yondr pouch – a locking device for phones. The device basically locks in cell phones until the final bell rings

The school implemented the policy this year after last year they ran a pilot program with 20-students and in the case of an emergency, there is the ability to unlock the device.

During registration, each student will sign a Cell Phone Free Environment contract.


  1. ABSOLUTELY! Kids don’t need cell phones. And they definitely shouldn’t have them in class. We didn’t buy our kids cell phones. They need to be kids, not addicted to a phone all day. I gave up my cell phone, and I’m happier without it. Light on technology, lets get physical! Get outside and enjoy life. As I type this on my keyboard! If it was up to me, society would be cell phone free. You don’t need to be tied to technology 24/7/365. It’s ridiculous. Technology has gone too far. Whatever happened to on or off?

  2. Teach them early, life doesn’t revolve around a phone. Your also teaching them that when they have a task, they must complete it with out self-created distractions. It will help them in the future, there are not many employers that are ok with the use of cell phones while you are on their dime.

  3. Yes. This should be implemented in every school. Cell phones are too distracting, and kids should be learning.

  4. An early lesson on ignoring your boss while you are on your cell phone. The attention should always be on the instructor. A complete ban on campus. Perhaps a new business could be given to lockers for phones and top notch security with a timer to allow unlocking at end of school day. A fee for use should cover the costs.

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