Daily Question: If Given 100 Shares of Any Stock, What Would You Choose?


With the stock market reaching all time highs, if given 100 shares of any company, what stock would you choose?

Here are some current stock prices as of 10:20 am

  • $1,898 – Amazon
  • $1,415 – Alphabet (Google)
  • $481 – Tesla
  • $308 – Apple
  • $224 – Home Depot
  • $217 – Facebook
  • $208 – McDonalds
  • $180 – 3M
  • $160 – Microsoft
  • $145 – Disney
  • $123 – Target
  • $116 – Walmart
  • $102 – Chase


  1. Mike, look at ford. Paying a dividend of .60 and a yield of 6.49. Three times a bank pays. They stop taking order for there 2021 electric mustang and the stock is at 9.26.

    Also workday. They are at 179.48 off a high of 226.83. In any case the market is at all time highs, so if you buy it’s
    long and the say 5 years at least. Remember buy at the low and sell at the high.

  2. Duh… take the highest priced stock, then sell it immediately for cash, then use that cash to buy whatever stock you think is the best investment.

    • Perhaps I should have added the caveat that they would have to hold it for a decade or stock under $100. Either way, there is many reasons for people to hold a stock. Value, growth, dividend, supporting a company. Sometimes the most expensive stock is not the best choice.

      • “Buying” the most expensive stock is not necessarily the best choice, but if you were “given” 100 shares of a stock, then of course it would be best to choose the most highly valued stock: Berkshire Hathaway (BRKA).

  3. Captain Obvious is obviously correct. This is a silly question since it incorrectly assumes that 100 shares of any one stock can be compared to 100 shares of another.

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