Daily Question: What Do you Think of a 4-Day Work Week, 6-Hour Day


As people return to work for the first time in 2020, Finland’s new Prime Minister has called for the introduction of a flexible working schedule in the country that would involve a four-day-week and six-hour working day.

This comes after a 2015 in Sweden found only working six-hours per day increases productivity.

Question: Should the US begin looking at a 4-Day Work Week, 6-Hour Days?


  1. Absolutely!

    Think of how much better the quality of life would be.
    The only problem is the cost of living would have to come down since a 6 hour day would give us less money to take home.

    Greedy corporate America couldnt handle it!

  2. Absolutely! I think most of us spend more time at work and in our cars than we do living life. Maybe people wouldn’t be as crabby, impatient and rude with the extra sleep n time off.

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