San Ramon Police Say Man Sexually Battered Females While Riding County Connection Bus


The San Ramon Police Department reports that between August 12-14,  two adult females reported being sexually battered while riding the County Connection bus from the Walnut Creek BART Station to San Ramon.

The victim’s statements and video evidence identified the suspect as 58-year-old Ernesto Acuna. Acuna was arrested for violations of Penal Code 243.4.

During the San Ramon Police investigation, a witness stated Acuna might have victimized a third female during the same time period. If you have been a victim, or know of any similar incidents involving a male matching Acuna’s description, please contact Detective Scully at 925-973-2629


  1. What is the world is sexually “battery?” Did the guy pull it out and then start to hammer these women with his “schwantz?” Or hit them up alongside the head with it? What exactly did he do?

    • I’ve heard the term but never understood how it worked. Sounds rather nasty. I hope if convicted, he gets some sexual battery when he drops the soup in the shower in prison, but then he just might like it.

    • This would most likely be an incident where he grabbed/touched the victims buttocks, breasts or, well, as President Trump said, “I grab them by their…”

  2. Why didn’t any of those women kick him in the balls? Now THAT would sexual “battery!” Turnabout’s fair play!

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