Daily Question: Should 17 Year-Olds Be Allowed to Vote in Primary Elections?


Question: Should 17-year-olds be allowed to vote in primary elections?

On Thursday, the California State Assembly voted 58-13 in support of a bill that would lower the voting age from 18-years-old to 17-years-old.  

If ACA 4 is passed by 2/3 of the State Senate, it would then need to be approved by the voters and could appear on the March 2020 ballot. If approve then, it would go into effect as early as the 2022 election cycle.


Here is the Press Release by Assemblyman Kevin Mullin:

California 17 Year-Olds Would Be Allowed to Vote in Primary Elections

Sacramento – Today, ACA 4, Assembly Speaker pro Tem Kevin Mullin’s effort to allow 17 year-olds to vote in primary elections provided they will be 18 by the time of the General Election, passed off the Assembly floor with 58 votes and is headed to the Senate.

“The time has come for ACA 4,” Mullin stated. “California is behind the curve on this issue and it’s time for us to join the many other states that already have this law in place. Today’s vote takes us one step closer toward empowering California’s youngest voters, encouraging them to become life-long participants in the most fundamental act in our democracy.  This effort is also very personal for me since my father, former Assemblymember Gene Mullin, a long-time former civics teacher also authored this legislation and I have authored it three times myself. I am optimistic that my colleagues in the Senate will also see the importance of this bill, ultimately giving the voters of California the opportunity to cast their vote on the issue in California’s early March primary in 2020.”   



  1. Of course 17 year olds shouldn’t vote
    Why is it when Democrats LOOSE ELECTIONS- they want to change the rules:
    Criminals in prison should vote
    17 year olds should vote
    ILLEGAL ALIENS should vote

    • Sounds good, that way we don’t get another douche bag PODUS. I love how blind republicans are! Trump is an asshole and should have never been in office. Lmao, he has done nothing for the country and wow that wall is GREAT!! Hahahahaha

      • Trump has done nothing? Trump lowered my taxes, rebuilt our military, created more jobs, has the economy rockin and rollin”, making NATO partners pay up, killed Russians in Syria, clobbered ISIS, stopped muslims from getting in, reinforced and is building THE WALL, is undoing MORE of the damage Obama wrought … oh …. and Army beat Navy! All’s well in the world! Way to go Mr. President!

        • Must have missed all that. Rebuilt the Military? Hmmm, I will ask around and see lol. Clobbered ISIS? Are you on drugs? What wall? All he has done is divide a country and make it to be difficult to stay in the Military will all the hate hew spews. Obama did more for the Military than this asshat will ever dream of. There will be no wall and soon there will be no more talk because he will not retain his seat.

          • Where have you been, Dana? Living on MARS? Obama pretty much decimated our military and also divided this country! Obama also fired some of our best generals because they challenged them! I have 4 relatives in the military and another about to join and all love President Trump. Obama was the asshat!

            Take a trip to the border and check out on how the present wall has been retrofitted and then drive a little further to the east and see the NEW wall going up .. with Mexican contractors all around there hoping to get some of the action.

    • What with this Spanish and Chinese characters on those stickers? You have to be a United States citizen to vote and be fluent in the ENGLISH language! This is NOT Mexico nor China! Jeeeeez! Maybe I should insist that they also put ITALIAN, RUSSIAN, FRENCH, GERMAN and Swahili on those stickers! Ridiculous!

      • I will insist that other languages are included on those stickers! Not just Spanish and Chinese Here’s what I want to see:

        Ho votato (Italian for “I voted!”
        Я проголосовал (Ya proholosoval … Russian for “I voted!”
        J’ai voté (French for “I voted!”
        Ich habe abgestimmt (German for “I voted!”
        Glosowalem (Polish for “I voted!”

  2. NO WAY! NEVER! The brain is not fully developed UNTIL the person reaches their mid or late 20’s. So, NO! No 17 year olds nor even 18 year olds should vote. Maybe at age 21, when they can buy liquor!

  3. Absolutely not. The law is 18 for a reason, if you’re not old enough you wait for the election in which you are. I would prefer 21 but that will never happen. Roland is correct, the brain isn’t fully developed at 17.

  4. Of course 17 is too young. I don’t think 18 is too young. You can be more mature and responsible at 18 than some people are at 40. Only a certain segment of 18-20 will vote. The kids that are going places in life. They may lack experience in life, but it doesn’t mean they can’t research and be an informed voter. The good, smart, responsible kids. Most of them are probably college students, hoping for a bright future.

    • No minors. Dems are getting desperate to pad the vote. Maybe they should try working for the people instead of their own personal greed.

    • No minors. Dems are getting desperate to pad the vote. Maybe they should try working for the people instead of their own personal greed. Maybe earn our vote.

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