Daily Question: Daylight Savings Time or Permanent Standard Time?

Photo via Assemblymember Kansen Chu

Daily Question: Daylight Savings Time or Permanent Standard Time

In a move to switch to a permanent daylight savings time by Assemblyman Kansen Chu (D-San Jose), dropped his bid for the spring schedule year round. Chu now will revisit the idea next year and now wants to see if the people want permanent daylight savings or standard time.

This comes after voters already approved a ballot initiative to give the legislator the chance to try year-round daylight savings time in California which would also need to be approved by US Congress.

Assemblyman Chu took to Twitter:

I want to clarify that AB 7 is not dead and will be moving forward in January. My main goal will always be to stop the practice of switching back and forth, and I am dedicated to make this a reality. As this is an issue that impacts all Californians

I want to take the next few months to ask my constituents their thoughts on permanent daylight saving time vs. permanent standard time. It’s important to me that my constituents are heard and putting a pause on moving the bill will give me the opportunity to do more outreach.


  1. Permanent Standard time was voted on by the people. Why does it have to go through so many hoops to make it happen. The people want it, we should have it.

  2. I like the longer daylight in the evening so when I get home from work I can still be outside in the daylight.

  3. I believe we voted on permanent daylight savings and it passed.

    I say PERMANENT ANYTHING! The time shift twice a year sucks.

  4. Year-round daylight saving time means that during the shortest daylight months (Nov – Jan) it will be dark until 8 a.m. Do we really want kids going to school in the dark? A stupid idea! Mr. Chu needs to concentrate on REAL problems like improving California’s bloated and inefficient state agencies instead of peddling a solution in search of a problem.

  5. We save electricity with Daylight Savings Time, we can enjoy the extra sunlight in the early evening and children can play outdoors longer. This question has been going on for years it seems.Statistically what are the drawbacks to longer sunny days ?

    • It does not result in “longer days” – it just shifts the time zone. The problem with year-round DST is that in the winter it will not be light until 8 a.m. That’s a real safety hazard for kids going to school.

  6. You know this is exactly what’s wrong with our government today we voted on this in the last elections this state passed it we want it one time zone and you stupid senators and assemblyman are still asking the people the same damn question that we already passed actually tried doing some real work for the people

  7. If any time should be used year-round, it should be standard time, not daylight saving time. Standard time is closer to the actual solar time which was what our bodies respond to. Morning light is also more important than evening light. Daylight saving in January is a darkish nightmare for any school student or working adult getting up in the morning. Our bodies don’t respond well to rising in darkness. Yes, one hour of evening light will be sacrificed with standard time, but that was what it was like millennia before daylight saving time was even thought of. Politicians do not understand this issue at all because they don’t know astronomy.

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