Pittsburg Man Indicted for 11 Felonies, Including Possession of Machine Gun, Ammunition & Illegal Drugs

Press Release


Martinez, Calif. Yesterday, a grand jury indictment was unsealed with 11 felonies against defendant Victor Martinez Jr., a 36-year-old resident of Pittsburg. The allegations include possession of a controlled substance with a firearm, possession for sale of methamphetamine and cocaine, possession of 650 rounds of ammunition, and a machine gun. He also had multiple firearms in his possession and police recovered $16,244 in cash from his residence.

Martinez Jr. was initially charged in a criminal complaint on May 9, 2019. Martinez Jr. is also a convicted felon whom is not legally able to own or possess a firearm or ammunition. In 2010, he was convicted for carrying a loaded firearm as the non-registered owner.

Earlier this year, members of the Pittsburg Police Department served a search warrant at Martinez Jr.’s residence. Officers found multiple firearms in the defendant’s possession. The firearms recovered at the scene were a Smith and Wesson .38 handgun, Colt MK IV pistol, Taurus pistol, Glock .40 pistol, PWA rifle 5.56mm caliber, and a Berretta pistol.

The money recovered from the scene was forfeited in a civil asset forfeiture procedure under state law. No valid claim was made for the money.

Martinez Jr. appeared for an arraignment in Department 3 of the Contra Costa County Superior Court before the Honorable Patricia Scanlon. Martinez Jr. pleaded not guilty to the charges alleged in the indictment. Deputy District Attorney Nichelle Holmes is the prosecutor assigned to the case on behalf of the People. DDA Holmes is with our Community Violence Reduction Unit.

Case information: People v. Victor Martinez Jr., Docket Number 05-191613-9


  1. Might as well issue him a citation and let him walk like everyone else. He qualifies for non-searchable probation for sure!

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