Photos: Knightsen Inaugural Holiday Parade A Hit



The Knightsen Garden Club put on a successful inaugural Holiday Parade on Saturday afternoon which filled Knightsen Ave with hundreds of guests to observe parade participants. The parade began on 1st Street and made its way down Knightsen Ave.

Nice job Knightsen Garden Club!


  1. The garden club put on a great event. My only suggestion would have been to include the Contra Costa County Sheriff and East Contra Costa Fire Protection District in the parade for the kids who would have loved to hang out with them after the parade and learn something. Shame that there were not a lot of local leaders attending.

    Hope to attend again next year

  2. Thank you for showing up and taking pictures ECT unlike other media! Thank you for showing support towards Knightsen.

  3. Was a fine parade of the first one. It will only get better. I agree, next year include sheriff and fire.

  4. Appreciate you reporting this down the middle unlike your Facebook post about the parade. One of the firefightes made the claim the district did not know about the parade until the day of the evnet. If that is true, why do they issue permits then only to let fire departments know the day of? There was also a banner and signs posted a week in advance. ECCFPD could have put more effort into participating.

    Ignoring the drama this was a very great event for Knightsen

  5. This was a wonderful down home event. Just why would you need the fire dept , police, or local leaders in this beautiful parade. Those who put this together did a great job!!!

  6. A small town parade without commercial politics is great.The organizer should be complimented for a great job.Many Firefighters, Leaders, and Law Enforcement were there.The permit requires the ECCFPD, CCOO Sheriff, and Public Works be notified well in advance.The event went through Supervisor Mary Piepho’s Office. Some people need to be a positive part of their community and stop the petty tantrums.After the parade the community gathered.The Vaqueros danced their horses to music, hot chocolate was served, the school children sang, and the Christmas Tree was lit.Everyone had a smile on their face.This is what a small town is about.

  7. You invite police and fire because of crowds. If there is a road closure, police should be there because of all that could be wrong. I’ve not seen one parade locally that the fire department and/or police not participated in

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