Photos: ECT Readers Photograph East County Sunsets


Over the last few days, East Contra Costa County has been treated to some beautiful sunsets, cloud formations, and amazing colors. Our readers captured these sunsets and skies and have sent us in many photographs of the past 48-hours and we wanted to highlight some of their photographs.

Enjoy and thank you for all the submissions.

Photos Submitted by:

  • Dave Beardsley – submitted by Melody Kostenuk
  • Gail Hansen
  • Sue Longo
  • Andrea Maldonado
  • Adam N Kim
  • Melissa Waddell
  • Janice LeGay
  • Carolyn Pagan Garcia
  • Corinne Rodriguez Evans
  • Chelsey Daquioag
  • Andrika Hawes Stevens
  • Elizabeth Anderson
  • Samantha Burnett Dutra
  • Christina Marie Corbitt
  • Lupe Cerda-Hernandez
  • Robin Mayoff
  • Alyson Boyd
  • Candace Lynn
  • Kerrie Marie
  • Tina Koenig
  • Marisol Gonzalez
  • Carlos Saldana
  • Tim Alan Jensen
  • Jerry Collins



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