Oakley: Settlement Reached with Shea Homes on Fire Station

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Brentwood – On November 14, 2017, the City of Oakley gave the final approval for an
agreement with Shea Homes, LP and the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District (“ECCFPD” or “District”), settling a lawsuit Oakley filed against Shea Homes in March 2016.

Under the agreement, Shea Homes will contribute $3.7 million for the City to use to construct and equip a new station for the District at the corner E. Cypress Road and Summer Lake Drive.

Oakley’s lawsuit alleged that, as part of the development agreement that allowed for the construction of the Summer Lake residential development, Shea Homes had agreed to construct and equip a new fire station, once certain conditions were met.

According to the City, those conditions were met, yet Shea Homes refused to construct or equip the new fire station. As a result, Oakley sued to force compliance with the terms of the development agreement. Shea Homes responded, disputing the City’s claims. This led
to lengthy settlement negotiations between Oakley, Shea Homes, and the District, and
resulted in the agreement that received final approval on November 14. The District
never became a party to the litigation, but will benefit from its resolution.

Under the terms of the agreement, Shea Homes will pay the City of Oakley $3.7 million.

The City will use the funds to construct the new fire station and fund ECCFPD’s purchase of a new fire engine. The City will then dedicate the newly-built station to the District’s permanent use. The agreement sets out the minimum requirements, size, and features of the new station and engine, but the City and ECCFPD plan to work cooperatively on more specific and detailed plans and timelines. For now, the ECCFPD is pleased to have a conceptual framework laid for the new station and equipment it sorely needs.

Joel Bryant, President of the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District Board of Directors reacted to news of the settlement today, saying: “This settlement agreement is a relief to the District, which has been waiting to see the benefits of the City and Shea’s
development agreement. The construction of a modern fire station and replacement of a
fire engine that has outlived its useful life will be a boost to our staff and to the citizens we serve.” He also observed: “The settlement negotiations and upcoming construction
process shine a spotlight on the cooperation between two agencies focused on serving
this community.”

Oakley Mayor Sue Higgins, added: “We are pleased that issues regarding the to-be built
fire station near the Summer Lakes subdivision have been resolved. This will allow the
station to finally be built and construction will start next year.”



The East Contra Costa Fire Protection District is a rural-funded fire district that protects approximately 249 square miles and over 114,000 residents. The District provides firefighting personnel and emergency medical services (basic life support) to the residents and businesses of the Cities of Brentwood and Oakley, the Township of Discovery Bay, and the communities of Bethel Island, Knightsen, Byron, Marsh Creek, and Morgan Territory.

As of July 1, 2017, ECCFPD has three (3) fire stations staffed by three (3) firefighters, for total district staffing of nine (9) firefighters per day. The district responds to over 6,900 calls a year that depend on approximately 9,000 fire engine responses. ECCFPD’s Master Plan calls for nine (9) stations to adequately provide coverage to the District’s citizens and businesses.

You can visit us on the Districts website, www.eccfpd.org or through our social media


  1. Cities shouldn’t do further business with these developers who dont come through with their end of the bargain. Now who’s going to make sure these City of Oakley clowns actually use every cent of the $ 3.7 million correctly???

  2. Great news. It a shame the developer tried to get out of a solid obligation to the city. The litigation costs could have been used elsewhere. Shea should not be trusted on future development. In the future bond mitigation requirements with developers to prevent this.

  3. “City of Oakley clowns”?? The men and women in the City of Oakley administration work very hard to make sure that the residents of Oakley’s needs are met and that funds are disbursed appropriately for any public works project.

    • The truth is hard to swallow sometimes, you sound like some related to those buffoons. If you tell yourself something enough times, eventually you start to believe it, right?

  4. Great developer fee is working. How will it be staffed? NO BENEFIT ASSESSMENT to pay for staffing. Another empty building. Cities and County get new tax $ at today’s rate from construction of new homes however Fire District get 1977 volunteer district % of tax dollar.

  5. Great developer fee is working. How will it be staffed? NO BENEFIT ASSESSMENT to pay for staffing. Another empty building. Cities and County get new tax $ at today’s rate from construction of new homes however Fire District get 1977 volunteer district % of tax dollar.

  6. No one in these economic times is going to build a fire station for less than 7 million dollars. Oakley gained Christmas bonuses for city management and that is all they gained from this fraud.

  7. How will they afford to staff it?
    City and County get tax dollars Fire District get 8% like pre Prop 13 when all volunteers. What happened to the Benefit Assessment that was in original agreement?

  8. Settled for one thing….not enough money to do anything with. Buffoons is right. So is OP/AHB.

    • Why dont you shut the F up? People dont like hearing the truth or people who dont agree with the Oakley circus act. Theses idiots running Oakley, can barely tie their own shoelaces?

  9. So happy at this good news but so afraid Summerlake will end up with even more taxes to operate it.

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