Oakley Set to Discuss $50 Million Community Park Project


On Tuesday, January 8, the Oakley City Council will hold a Work Session on a 55-acre community park.

On New Years Eve, the City Council held a special meeting to walk the property in preparation with tonight’s meeting where the council will provide direction to staff, so they can proceed with grant applications and begin discussions with potential partners. It is anticipated the park project will cost more than $50 million (grants & partnerships) and will be completed in multiple phases.

2006 Dutch Slough Community Park Conceptual Plan

This project has been in the works since 2002 when the Dutch Slough Memorandum of Understanding occurred with the idea of a 55-acre community park—this includes the 27-acre Burroughs Property and the 8-acre parcel to the north end of Jersey Island Road.

According to the agenda, two concepts for the park were developed over the years with the first being in 2006 and the second being in the Spring of 2016.

According to the 2016 conceptual plan, some of the planned park amenities includes:

  • Agricultural event facility & storage
  • Agricultural fields
  • Baseball field & bleachers (little league)
  • Boat house & launch dock
  • Boat and trailer parking
  • Concession stand & restrooms
  • Farm Animal Paddock
  • Observation Deck
  • Outdoor learning & classroom building
  • Pavilion
  • Picnic areas
  • Play Area
  • Shaded Structures
  • Trails

Back on October 21, restoration of the wetlands at Dutch Slough broke ground which will transform 1,187 acres around the proposed park.



  1. Yet these people won’t staff a fire house. These people are nuts. Common sense out the window.

    The county, Brentwood city and oakley city can afford to consolidate with Con Fire. They would rather hold the tax paying citizen hostage and waist money that can go to public safety on non essential services. Makes no sense what so ever. Wake up people.

  2. This is typical Bryan Montgomery to have this type of TOUR scheduled on New Years Eve to ensure as little public participation as possible. For a city that claims it wants public participation, they sure do a good job ensuring there is as little as possible.

  3. Fix infrastructure first. People need to be able to move about the city, not sit in a waste of money park.

  4. People historically hunt those areas. What provisions for those recreations are you implementing or did you forget to think of those as usual as a way to kill off hunting as usual???

    • Not anymore. It’s in the city limits now. We hunters know you don’t hunt within the city limits.

  5. Montgomery is such a scum bag! He has systematically ruined Oakley’s small town charm. The Shitty Council are a joke and he puppeteers them. They are all to stupid and too scared to oppose anything Montgomery wants. They waste money on dumb shit , pet projects, while Oakley has the worst roads, homeless turds littering up the town and they have filled the town with cigarette stores, storage facilities and stop and robs.
    What a worthless bunch!!!

  6. To the City:
    Where are the sport courts?
    Please add PICKLEBALL courts and BASKETBALL courts.
    Please service more of the community then just baseball players.

  7. And while there at it, lets put up our 100th mini storage?? WE NEED A PLACE TO SHOP OUT HERE. Homes, mini storage and parks while we drive 20 miles to shop? I’m all for it if they would add a shopping center LIKE WE WERE TOLD 15 YEARS AGO when they started building out here. At least we are finally getting a fire station. SMH

  8. Why not go to the meetings and voice your opinions rather than post about it where no one will read it? 🤔

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