Oakley Set to Begin Discussing 2-Year Strategic Plan


On January 9, the Oakley City Council will begin discussing its 2-year strategic plan where it will decide its priorities and set goals for the direction of the City.

The city says the two-year plan has always been a community driven process where it seeks resident input and creates various opportunities to allow contributions.

According to the staff report, the ten strategic areas of focus include:

  • Business & Job Growth
  • Planned, Quality Growth
  • Community Infrastructure and Traffic Safety
  • Downtown & Main Street Revitalization & Enhancement
  • Public Safety
  • Parks, Streetscapes & Recreational Opportunities
  • Financial Stability & Sustainability
  • Community Outreach, Communication, & Participation
  • Political Leadership & Stability
  • Operational Excellence

Here is the proposed schedule for the engagement process that would ultimately  result in the development and adoption of the 2020 Strategic Plan:

  • Jan 22 – Citizen Satisfaction Survey is mailed to 500 residents
  • Jan 22 – Online Citizen Satisfaction Survey made available on City’s Website
  • Feb 1 – Mail Sample will be sent a postcard reminding them to please complete & return Survey
  • Feb 9 – Deadline to return the mail Survey & Online Survey closes
  • Feb 9-23 – Analysis of survey results & preparation of comparative graphs/charts
  • Feb 9 Engage in Oakley will have two prompts up, soliciting the public to 1) prioritize the areas of focus & 2)to provide feedback regarding the goals

Early March –  Council & Staff strategic planning discussion

Early April – Community Wide Strategic Planning Meeting at Freedom  High School Multi-purpose room

Residents will get to attend three break out discussions on any  of the following Areas of Focus to provide feedback on Goals  & Action Items:

  • Business & Growth/Downtown & Main Street Revitalization
  • Community Infrastructure & Traffic Safety
  • Public Safety
  • Planned Quality Growth
  • Parks, Streetscapes & Recreation Opportunities
  • Community Outreach, Communication & Participation

April 13 – Notes taken from the Community Wide Strategic Planning  Meeting will be emailed to attendees in  Oakley Outreach on  April 6 or April 13

April 24 – Work Session to receive further direction from the City Council, as well as to create another opportunity for residents  to attend and offer input

May 8 – Draft Plan

May 22 – Adoption of Strategic Plan

For the full staff report, click here.


  1. ECT should fact check this, nothing put out by the City Staff or Council is community driven. It’s all a dog and pony show to make it look like they want advice from residents but will go ahead and really do as they want. Until the city council has balls and fires Bryan Montgomery, the residents are nothing more than pawns and we will not get what we actually want. If they really cared, every resident would get a chance to provide feedback, not just 500 mailed surveys.

  2. They want more gas stations (unhealthy), storage units (large and ugly) and now a Mosque (Islamists want to kill us and take over the world). Get a grip Oakley City Council!

  3. They are going to build that Mosque……Oakley will be just like Fremont is in 5 years……The coucil realized that Oakley would never be the little Walnut Creek, that they hoped for, so instaed the settled on it being little Fremont.

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