Oakley May Get Temporary Downtown Halloween Store



A Halloween store may soon find a temporary home at the former CentroMart building as the Oakley City Council has called for a special meeting of the Oakley City Council for Monday July 22.

According to the staff report, Jennifer and Ken Challberg approached city staff with a proposal to open a Halloween retail store selling Halloween-themed merchandise such as costumes, props, and decorations.  They are seeking to rent the building for three-months from August 1 to November 10 at a cost of $5,000 per month and pay the utility costs.

Staff is seeking a security deposit equal to $2,500 upon execution of the lease.

In November, DG Market is expected to begin renovating the building. The staff report also cites that the Challbergs also own and operate the California 24/7 Fitness at 2515 Main Street.

Click here for the full staff report


  1. Rather than DG Market, this store should change with the seasons and become a decorating store for all seasons!

  2. It would be nice if the road in front was actually finished so customers could actually get into the parking lot without damaging their cars.

  3. A Halloween Store ! I know a few volume byers that frequent here. When you have the grand opening send a flyer to Bone-Wood, Clue Less, and My big bro ECV. They love tricks of all kinds.

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