McNerney Aims to Keep American Jobs From Going Overseas



Washington, D.C. – Today, Rep. Jerry McNerney (D-Stockton) introduced legislation to stop American jobs from going overseas.  The Stop Outsourcing and Create American Jobs Act of 2013 will crack down on tax loopholes that encourage corporations to ship jobs abroad and penalize corporations that unethically utilize overseas tax havens.

“In our community, we need to work together and focus on creating family-wage jobs.  We cannot continue to stand by while big corporations use federal tax loopholes to send American jobs overseas,” said Rep. McNerney.

The bill first directs the Secretary of the Treasury to establish a list of “corporate tax haven countries” that enable outsourcing.  Secondly, the bill would increase civil and criminal penalties for corporations guilty of a variety of transactions related to an offshore tax haven, such as fraud or false claims.

“We are never going to get our economy back on track if corporations keep sending jobs overseas.  To do so while honest, hard-working people can’t find jobs is unacceptable.  These big corporations’ profits keep getting larger and larger, while real people are struggling to survive in today’s economy,” said Rep. McNerney.  “We have qualified people ready and willing to work right here in our region.  We need to be focused on putting those people back to work, not generating jobs in other countries.”

McNerney’s legislation requires federal agencies to request information about corporations’ outsourcing practices when applying for government contracts and allows preference to be given to companies that have not outsourced jobs in the last year.  The penalty for falsifying information regarding outsourcing on an application would be subject to a fine up to the value of the contract.  A corporation committing this offense would be disqualified from seeking new federal contracts for two years.  Any revenue generated by the Stop Outsourcing and Create American Jobs Act will be used to pay down the national debt.  It will now move to House committees for further consideration.

The Stop Outsourcing and Create American Jobs Act of 2013 is cosponsored by Reps.  Gary Peters, Tim Bishop and Matt Cartwright.


  1. Rep JM,
    Can you also enforce the borders of our country so jobs for Americans are not taken too ? Can you also let the people know why the government allowed our ambassador and some military people die in vain ? Why did Hilary Clinton cover up what went on ? Why does the IRS target certain groups violating their civil rights? Finally, why is this administration dividing the country by stirring the race stuff ? Why are you making new laws when so many existing laws are being ignored? Can I expect to be targeted for asking these questions?

  2. You’re in luck, JoeJoe. Living in the Ag community that we do, I’m sure we could score a job for you picking fruits and vegetables tomorrow. You can “take one back”, so to speak. You could even wear your best muscle shirt for the gig to show off for the Latinas.

    As for being targeted, I have seen your mug on a wanted poster. Something about Douchebaggery. As for the rest of that mess of pathetic questions, I can’t help you.

    Didn’t peg you as a Tea Bagger, but it doesn’t come as a complete surprise. It’s the perfect party choice for the constant paranoia brought on by all that steroid abuse.

    We’ll see you around. Probably trolling the ailes at Safeway again where you like to stalk the ladies.

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