Oakley City Manager to Get Pay Raise, Election Protection from Termination


During the May 14 Oakley City Council Meeting, the council will vote on an amendment to the City managers Employment agreement that includes a pay raise and some protections for him after a city council election.

According to a deal struck by Mayor Claire Alaura and Councilmember Randy Pope, the following terms are included in the agreement:

  • Retroactive to July 1, 2018, an increase in salary of 4% which results in a salary of $19,995.38 per month.
  • Annual adjustment in accordance with the Bay Area consumer price index (CPI) for urban users.
  • A prohibition on “without cause” termination of employment within 90 days of an election.
  • An increase of three months severance (from 6-months to 9-months) if the city manager is terminated “without cause” within 91 and 180 days from the date of an election (after the 180th day, the severance would revert to the 6-months provided currently).

According to the fiscal impact, the proposed changes would result in a $239,464.56 annual salary, an annual increase of $9,205.56. He would also receive $5,330.57 in back pay dating back to July 1, 2018.

With the CPI adjustment, it is anticipated Montgomery’s salary would jump to $249,043.

Recently, the City of Antioch agreed on a pay raise for City Manager Ron Bernal and his annual salary is $241,500. Brentwood City Manager Gus Vina has an annual salary of $259,000

If you go:
Tuesday, May 14, 2019
6:30 PM
Oakley City Council Chambers
3231 Main Street, Oakley, CA


  1. Montgomery has ruined Oakley. He should be fired. The Oakley City Council are too stupid and dysfunctional to do anything about the fact that Montgomery has ruined Oakley.
    No master plan.
    No Planning Commission!!
    They have torn down many of the historical buildings that gave Oakley character.
    They have sold this ridiculous train station idea and its going no where!!
    Fire Montgomery!!

  2. You have got to be kidding. This is the guy who tried to con the city with his house purchase isn’t it?He should have been gone long ago.

  3. This is RIDICULOUS! He’s earning more per month now than an MD who is SAVING LIVES? Something is definitely not right here! What in hell justified him getting almost $20,000 PER MONTH?????

    Everyone who works for someone else .. private or public … should be subjected to termination just like the rest of us are. Where did this stupid practice evolve which states and city, county and state employees cannot be terminated UNLESS they do something really unlawful.

  4. City managers (in every city) are paid well. They shouldn’t be making more than doctors or lawyers. Everyone should be employed at will.

  5. This has got to be a mistake. If the Council moves forward and approves this, the people of Oakley must come together to replace this council in the next election. Vote out Kevin Romick, Claire Alaura, and Doug Hardcastle. I had high hopes for Claire, but she has been a complete weakling on that council and negotiating this contract is proof. Shame on her and Randy Pope. This is why Oakley is the laughing stock of East County.

  6. All of this started when we became a city and creed took over from sewer. to garbage to water sweet heart deals county was better and a city that writes his on ticket.

  7. People need to know about this… he is not elected he holds a appointed position, and can be fired . Maybe folks need to pressure city hall ????
    Vote in some folks who wanna do the right thing? I think he would say a lot if he refused his pay raise.
    Oakley is a far les complicated city to run as aposed to brentwood or antioch , and …. smaller?

  8. As usual, tax payers of this fair city, as in others, have no say in the matter. All government is nothing but Organized Crime.

  9. What’s this crap about “election protection from termination?” This is total insanity! Get rid of the idiotic city council without waiting for an election! Oakland is a small town, for God’s sake!

  10. Bow down to your OVERLORDS. The Government ruling class knows what’s best for us dumb tax payers.
    And socialism gains more steam.

  11. City of Oakley has gone down hill FAST. This is such a joke! None of the city officials should be getting paid anything near that salary! Absolute sham!! Terrible city management and systems. It all starts at the top!!!! Typical government corruption. They’ve torn down so many beautiful historic buildings! We’re 11 years in as homeowners and can’t get the City to do anything. They still won’t resolve school boundary issues for all the Oakley orphans who are STILL forced into the horrible Antioch Unified School District (because our city won’t fight Antioch on it!!)! Our children are still expected to attend Deer Valley High School SO FAR FROM HOME when Freedom High is just walking distance down Neroly Rd! Can’t get them to change ordinance (preventing people from painting their garage door fluorescent green in a beautiful newer neutral colored development, essentially ruining the development). We have no city ordinance to keep our city nice, clean, beautiful, and clutter free! Christmas lights up on houses year round, 10 satellite dishes on each house, old broken single basketball hoops all around, terrible landscaping and road maintenance. Terrible planning (look how great Concord and Pleasant Hill are doing, have you seen their new shopping??) I understand everyone has different lifestyles and quirks but I sure don’t burden my neighbors with them!! No ordinance preventing or enforcing noise restrictions on Saturday or Sunday mornings (there’s always one inconsiderate troll who has their blower going at 7-8am on Sat/Sun morning). We work all week and look forward to a much earned/deserved sleep in once in awhile (when our kids don’t have sports) on a Sat morning!! Never had these problems when I was in Orinda or even Oakland but nobody seems to care about their neighbors here! Everyone acts like rude entitled selfish a-holes. Neighbors have 5 cars and try to take up all their neighbors parking! Everyone keeps cutting down trees on their property! Don’t people educate themselves on things before taking action? Trees not only increase your property value but they’re essential to helping our environment with oxygen and pollution plus provide shade in the summer keeping cooling costs/use down (and provide privacy and enhance aesthetics)! Etc etc etc.. Yet we pay the highest property taxes of anyone I know!! For the first 5 or 6 years we showed up to meetings and constantly got involved trying to improve things until we realized what a complete waste of time it was. Nothing will ever change here. City employees lied to our face when we asked questions about Carol Ln development before we purchased our home (they told us the oak trees on that land were protected and nothing would ever be developed on that land!!) We bought our house thinking we’d have this beautiful view of the oak orchard! Not a year after closing on our house they were developing that land and now have high rise low income apartments towering over us and looking straight into our homes & yards! They still to this day are adding more buildings + compounding the problems. The homeowners get screwed every which way. We were so excited when we bought our house. Sadly it’s been nothing but problems since then. Bogus special assessments on our taxes keep going up! We pay close to 9 grand a year in property taxes alone and won’t ever get what our house is worth due to issues stated!! It’s ridiculous!! Sadly we are looking forward to selling our house and leaving Oakley. We have complacent lazy greedy city officials who don’t care what the tax payers want/need and they certainly don’t care about making the city better for us. It’s time for us all to rise up against these clowns!!!

    • Oakley Home O
      Oakley is a broker post prop 13 city. The only service it performs is police. All other services are brokered. Oakley slivers off their tax income and contracts most services out. Being a broker city it relies heavily on development taxes. The problem is they are spending future prediction tax revenue. Build out or a recession will come down hard on its residents.
      Also, the city has nothing to do with school districts. You would need to contact your School Board for your school issues. Oakley’s sell on incorporation was “ we do not need to raise taxes “. So much for that promise. I think it is much better than the old Oakley. But I wouldn’t live there either way. Antioch cancer is spreading to Oakley fast. They need to stop that to stay safe for families.

      • No! Don’t move! Stay and fight these idiots comprising the city council. Move THEM out of Oakley! Then get rid of the Section 8 programs and the ghetto trash will follow.

    • Try living here since 1970 and see how this small town has gone down hill. There were great old buildings housing vintage and antique shops. Linda Ronstadt came here to shop for a vintage shower stall. There was a welcoming air here. You took your time getting things done. People would pick up any trash which was either blown in here or some idiot dropped it from his car. Then, things started to deteriorate mostly from the lack of leadership from the city councils. Section 8 people were encouraged to come here and then things really started deteriorating, as they do with that program. Then came the “ghetto” people bringing their traditional lack-of-care for their surroundings.

      • Hey la, Try living here since the 30’s 40’s 50’s 60’s 70’s. You are definitely correct, The Ghetto Trash has arrived but good ol Oakley has survived. We who were here long ago still love Oakley, the Ghetto trash, no we don’t. We understand, how it goes. We’ll survive, the trash will go out Wednesday morning. Oakley has a history and Ghetto trash will be short term. Once a day, once a week, trash is picked up.

  12. If the council approves this contract they prove once and for all that they ALL need to go.
    Read the Special Meeting Minutes from Tuesday, April 16, 2019:

    “City Manager Bryan Montgomery mentioned there are no significant staff changes, some
    staff will be relocating to the Recreation Center and former Ace Hardware building and
    some safety upgrades will be made at City Hall as well as renovations in the Police
    He commented that conservative spending by staff and the City Council
    allows things like the construction of the Recreation Center.
    ***He provided an overview of Oakley’s General Fund Budget with its comparable cities and shared Oakley has among the lowest revenue of all comparable cities (property taxes, gas and sales tax), it
    operates on a very lean budget and conservatively, and does a lot with very little. ***

    <> and the city manager needs a raise and election protection.

  13. Something is really seriously screwy with what city managers in many cities are being paid! And, seeing how the cities are becoming crime havens, nothing seems to be done but they have become a cash cow for the employees! This is NOT an industry which produces something tangible from which to make a profit! All these people do is electronic “paper pushing” .. and for this they are bring in over 1/4 million dollars? How did all this escalate to reach such a totally ridiculous stage? The residents of those cities and the general public should protest this vehemently.

  14. Wall off Antioch, bus out the homeless epidemic & fire whoever decided lots of traffic and extra parking spots that block said traffic is just what downtown needed. Earn that pay raise sir.

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