Richmond Police Arrest Suspect for Narcotics, Firearm for 4th Time in 2019

Photo provided by Richmond Police

The Richmond Police Department reported Wednesday that a known drug dealer was arrested with controlled substance and had a large amount of money on him.

They then stated for the 4th time in 2019, police had recovered a firearm from the same suspect.

According to Richmond Police, they discovered the suspect concealing narcotics in his shoe and in other body locations. The SIS Gang Unit then performed a search warrant on the suspects home, locating more narcotics, money and a illegal firearm.

No further information was released.


  1. That our illustrious DA Bectons office at work. Lazy , racist, unqualified Becton has turned the DAs office into a joke!!

  2. The FOURTH time in 2019?????? The Richmond PD should have nailed his sorry butt permanently the FIRST time! “Man up, Richmond PD!”

  3. This is not Richmond PD’s fault. They are doing solid police work, along with several other agencies in this county. The problem falls with the DA refusing to file the cases and the state being lenient on these crooks. Ofc’s through out the state are working their butts off making these arrests, doing the needed investigations, only to have the case rejected and not filed on for minor or political reasons or just because the DA doesn’t feel the need to file them. Hence why the crooks know they are going to get a smack on the wrist for things that would have landed them in prison 10 years ago and now they do what they want. CA is a joke!! Biggest welfare state in the union and the only state where the criminals tend to have more rights than the victims. At the same time, there are more and more laws being generated to protect the crooks and limit what hardworking Ofc’s putting their lives on the line can do. The new use of force bill that is working it way through the system is going to de-police the state. Why would an officer want to take action and make a split second decision to only have it judged by those who have little to no understanding on what happened and aren’t faced with a split second to make the decision. There is always a what if you everything in life, but there are also times where the facts at that moment are that matter not the “what if” game.

    • Prop 47 was THE worst one ever passed! Total lunacy! Now, those who voted for it are having their cars broken into, windows smashed, etc. But quite few people are arming themselves and protecting themselves from the vermin. A friend of mine shot and killed two jewelry store robbers because he was faster with his gun then they were with theirs. We have the right to protect ourselves and if any piece of crap ever tries to hijack my car, he will be pushing up daisies.

  4. California justice system at its finest. What’s it going to take to hold someone accountable. Shooting someone.

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