Daily Question: Should Medical Cannabis be Allowed on K-12 Campuses?


Daily Question: Should Medical cannabis be Allowed on K-12 Campuses?

On Monday, the California State Assembly passed Senate Bill 223 in a 43-23 vote which would allow parents to administer medical cannabis to their children on K-12 campuses.

The bill would allow school boards to decide whether parents could administer medical marijuana on school campuses—in the non-smoking form. Current law does not allow marijuana within a 1,000 feet of school campuses.

Governor Jerry Brown vetoed a similar bill last year.


  1. Absolutely. People need to educate themselves. It’s not like the kids are going to have a free pass to get high. That’s not what this is about. If they can take steroids at school why not CBD.

  2. Absolutely. People need to educate themselves. It’s not like the kids are going to get a free pass to smoke a joint n get high. If steroids can be administered at school, CBD should be able to be also.

  3. It would be ignorant to say no. If a child has medical issues and needs it, of course they should be able to have it just like any other medication as long as it is used and dispensed in the appropriate manner. I think this world has a lot more problems to deal with than to worry about use of medical marijuana.

    • Right, and then after lunch you had English.
      You just weren’t able to grasp that whole concept about which words we capitalize and those that we don’t, were you?

  4. Wow man that would be so kool. Can we get free munchies too?

    That question is so stupid. Can we get doubles shots of whiskey too?

    Our kids are coming out of schools illiterate and without common sense. We do not need anymore help to dumb them down any further.

  5. So just keep our kids High and keep them under the influence; so the next generation can become even more stupid and ignorant. It said medical cannabis, can we be a bit more clear on the definition. We do not need kids vaping or firing up a joint in class for medical reasons.

  6. I have friends whose child suffers fro epileptic seizures. He’s under medical care as those seizures occurred several times a week and were unpredictable as to the timing. After being reevaluated at Stanford Medical Center, a medication made from cannabis was administered and over time the seizures were greatly reduced to the point that he may have one a week or none at all.

    The quality of this child’s life has improved tremendously.

    The medication did NOT contain THC, the chemical which gives someone a high! The kid was NOT smoking anything! I say, if it helps his condition to the point that he now rarely has a seizure, let him have the meds in school.

    • I think it’s great that a medication was developed to help in such situations. A child having seizures in a classroom would be extremely frightening for other students to witness. A lot of people don’t understand is that this is not about getting high or smoking. Ignorance is bliss, it seems!

    • Indeed Harold…and every time the child has a seizure a part of the brain is damaged forever so having many is really bad. That child will be so much better off on the CBD and live a full life. People can be so ignorant on this subject. Glad you shared.

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