Daily Question: Should bars stay open until 4:00 am?


Daily Question: Should bars stay open until 4:00 am?

This week, the Los Angeles City Council voted to pass a resolution against Senate Bill 58 which would allow bars in 10 California cities to stay open until 4:00 am. The bill was introduced by Senate Scott Wiener as a 5-year pilot program. Governor Jerry Brown vetoed the same bill last year.

The bill will make its way to the Assembly Committee later this week.

Back on May 21, the bill passed the State Senate in a 29-6 vote with Senator Steve Glazer supporting the bill.


  1. As if we don’t have enough problems with alcohol as it is, this would only exacerbate it. Why not allow marijuana dispensaries and gun shops to be open until 4:00? Let’s allow Safeway and 7-11 to sell liquor until that time of the early morning. Does this guy (Mr. Wiener) have any idea what percentage of drivers that are out driving on our roads at 1:45AM are most decidedly under the influence? The problem is bad enough as it is.

  2. NO WAY! You want drunks staggering out of a bar at 4 am, totally LIT while people start leaving for work? What wetbrain even thought up this totally insane idea? Oh yes! That “wiener” brain from San Franfreako! Why did I even have to ask?

  3. A resounding NO!

    Didn’t that obnoxious Scott Wiener start with this crap last year? It was vetoed by that creepy Jerry Brown which means that even someone as unappetizing as he was wouldn’t have it. So, Wiener is bringing it up again?

    Yes, Melanie, Wiener is THAT stupid! My San Francisco relatives hate him! How anyone even voted for him for the State Senate, is beyond me.

  4. Hell yeah!!! We should be able to grab a pint at any hour!!! All you who say no are pussies

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