Update: 1 Dead, 2 Seriously Injured in Marsh Creek Road Crash



At roughly 8:15 am,  a police chase resulted in a vehicle into a tree car crash that killed one and seriously injured two others  in front of a mobile home park. The incident required both engines 52 and 54 in Brentwood along with Sunshine Station response along with AMR and two helicopters.

According to radio traffic, the incident requires extrication and one of the patients was having rescue breathing performed.

At 8:34 am, the first patient had been extricated.

There are also several reports that the vehicle was a stolen Lexus and two people have been arrested at gunpoint on scene. Traffic is blocked in both directions and vehicles coming from Brentwood are being redirected onto Deer Valley Road by an Oakley Police vehicle.

At around 8:50 am, one person is confirmed dead. Two others are suffering from serious injuries.

At 9:38 am, a second person was extricated from the vehicle.

At 9:48 am, all patients were reported extricated with coroner on scene. Fire crews will be on scene for another 30-minutes or so picking up their equipment.

Update 4:51 pm: Contra Costa County Sheriffs Office

This morning at about 8 o’clock, Deputy Sheriffs were following up on a call regarding a suspicious vehicle in the area of Walnut Boulevard and Camino Diablo in East County. Upon arrival, a Deputy determined that the vehicle, a Lexus, had recently been stolen from the city of Concord.

As the Deputy tried to make contact with the driver, he fled, leading Deputies on a pursuit westbound on Marsh Creek Road. The pursuit covered over 7 miles. In the area of the Clayton Regency Mobile Home Park, the fleeing vehicle apparently lost control and crashed into a tree. The 3 occupants (including the driver) were trapped in the vehicle. The Fire Department had to extricate two of them.

The driver was pronounced deceased at the scene. He is not being identified at this time. The two other occupants were taken by medical helicopter to John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek. They are said to be in critical condition.

The Contra Costa County Officer-Involved Fatal Incident Protocol was invoked. The incident is being simultaneously investigated by the Office of the Sheriff and D.A.’s Office. The California Highway Patrol is investigating the collision.

Anyone with any information on this case is asked to call the Sheriff’s Office at (925) 313-2600. Tips can be emailed to — [email protected] — or left anonymously on the tip line at (866) 846-3592.

According to the Battalion Chief Report:

  • Engines E1666, 1676, 152, 154 AMR, REACH, CAL-Star, CHP, BC1616 and BC 5 all responded to the incident
  • Engine 1666 arrived to find a vehicle wrapped around a tree with one occupant hanging out the rear window. Two other occupants were pinned inside.
  • The report states the extrication took over 60-minutes due to severe damage.
  • One civilian fatality, one civilian with critical injuries and one civilian with moderate injuries. The fatality was pronounced on scene by the air ambulance nurse. The other two patients were air lifted to the trauma center.
  • Cause of the accident was a high speed police pursuit.

Photos provided by Clint Ratelle
Two additional photos were provided by ECCFPD BC report


  1. And yet again the sheriff dept deploys Oakley units to help with an incident outside the city. Let me ask this–does the Orinda or Danville units respond to incidents in unincorporated Richmond? Maybe its time for the city to start asking some question because I am real tired of dodging red light runners, speeders, stop sign runners, etc., etc., etc.

  2. Please don’t blame the police because they were doing their JOB!! If it was YOUR stolen card wouldn’t you be asking the police to chase them down? These were criminals and justice has been served!! I agree with the previous comment made by Chris. We all make choices in our lives….their choice was wrong!

  3. They got exactly what they had coming to them. I feel sorry for the person who owned the stolen car, what they have to go through now with their insurance company, getting another car, just the headache they have to go through now because of 3 no-goods. Society is better off without them and if the 2 living one’s go to jail (remember there was a crime committed here) then we the taxpapyer’s have to suppor them. No sympathy here…..

  4. Why don’t they post the identity of these suspects? We all should know who they are. They are a disgrace to their families. No more updates on the two that survived?

    I get what Misha is saying. It’s hard to be gracious with thieves. The day before this incident my car was broken into. 4 years ago my business was burglarized. I don’t like thieves. They have caused me a lot of stress.

    These guys flew by me on Marsh Creek that morning with two cops right on them and I knew right away I was heading to an accident as I watched them speeding through the intersection at Vasco. I was honestly pissed and worried they would hit some innocent bystander and kill them and for what? I was relieved when I reached the accident and they had only managed to kill and hurt themselves .

    The cops following them were complete studs. Their lives were put on the line that day for no good reason.

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