Video: Two Homes Catch Fire in Oakley After Reported Backyard Fire


At 4:25 pm Monday, firefighters were dispatched to a report of a backyard fire in the City of Oakley which caught two homes on fire.

While units were responding to the 600 block of Country Lane off Walnut Meadows and Sunrise Meadows, the fire was upgraded to a structure fire after reports of a fence on fire that caught the home.

It was at this time, Engine 53, who was on scene of another fire at Lone Tree Way & Empire at a Salon cleared and responded. They arrived on scene with Engine 81 by 4:29 pm with Engine 88 a few minutes later. They confirmed both homes were on fire.


According to Fire Marshal Steve Aubert, the fire started on the side yard of the home and is not considered suspicious, but rather accidental in nature. He also confirmed no injuries.

Aubert also highlighted how the Salon fire response actually helped this incident because all the units were pulled closer to Lone Tree & Empire and then re-routed to Country Lane which resulted in Engine 53 & Engine 81 arriving on scene within 4-minutes and a third engine a few minutes after.

By 4:44 pm, the first house fire was declared out and by 5:07 pm, the fire timer was cancelled and the fire was under control.

Aubert estimates a combined loss between 3-total houses at $250k.


  1. The title of this story is incorrect! It should say “Two HOUSES catch fire …….” .. Houses are TANGIBLE. Homes are INTANGIBLE! You can make a HOUSE into a HOME… but sometimes a “house” is not a home.

    • You’re really complaining about the way they made the title? No words on the home fires? What kind of backward world do you live in?

      • Shut up, Stephen! Nowhere does this person say they were glad the fires started. You’re the backward one. Bye a brain!

        • ….. and, Stephen, you can BUY one too … because you did say “bye” to your brain!

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