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Oakley Police Say Reward in Alexis Gabe Case Increased to $60k

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On Monday, the City of Oakley announced that the Alexis Gabe Reward Fund has increased to $60,000.

In April, the City of Oakley announced a $10,000 reward for information leading to the location of Alexis Gabe, who was last seen on January 26, 2022, in Antioch, California.

An anonymous donor has contributed $50,000 to the reward fund to help bring the 24-year-old Oakley resident home. A total of $60,000 will be awarded to anyone with information leading to Ms. Gabe’s whereabouts.

“The Oakley Police Department and partner agencies are relentlessly working on this case and investigating the circumstances surrounding her disappearance. Our hope is that these reward funds will bring us closer to finding Alexis and bringing resolution to the Gabe family,” said Oakley Police Chief Paul Beard. “We are grateful for the donor’s generous contribution and to the community for their continued support.”

Detective Tyler Horn urges those with information to come forward, “we continue to comb through all the tips received and are working on this case around the clock. We ask that anyone with information please contact us.”

Those with information as to the whereabouts of Alexis Gabe are asked to call 925-625-7009 or [email protected]

Oakley Police Announce Evidence Recovery in Alexis Gabe Case

Oakley Police Investigators have located a key piece of evidence in the search for Alexis Gabe – her cell phone case. Alexis uniquely designed the cell phone case, and her family members and friends have confirmed the case belonged to Alexis.

Investigators suspect the male captured on video walking away from Alexis’ vehicle on Trenton Street in Oakley discarded Alexis’ cell phone case on January 26th.

The cell phone case (pictured in this post) was discovered in Antioch and has been submitted to the crime lab for further analysis.

If anyone recognizes the male in the video, please call the Alexis Gabe tip line at (925) 625-7009 or email [email protected]

Earlier in the week, For the second time in months, a search warrant was served at a home in the City of Antioch in connection with missing Oakley woman Alexis Gabe. Oakley Police confirmed the search via social media.

The last time police served a warrant at the home on Benttree Way was on February 1. Gabe has been missing since January and police announced in April a $10k reward.

Here is a statement by City of Oakley:

Oakley Police Detectives served a search warrant at a home on Benttree Way in Antioch with the assistance of the Antioch Police Department in a continuing effort to locate evidence related to the disappearance of Alexis Gabe. The home in question is where she was reportedly last seen, and investigators are looking into whether this location is where she met with foul play.

“We are aware of numerous reports of recently recovered deceased bodies around the Bay Area and beyond. The community can be assured that the Oakley and Antioch Police Departments are actively looking into all reports and cases,” stated Chief of Police Paul Beard.

Those with information as to the whereabouts of Alexis Gabe are asked to call 925-625-7009 or email [email protected].

Oakley Police Describe Person of Interest in Alexis Gabe Case

The Oakley Police Department announced on Thursday released a photograph and video of a person of interest in the Alexis Gabe missing person case as well announced a $10k reward for information on the case.

Chief Beard called this case heart breaking and has consumed the men and women of the Oakley Police Department while being the focus of the department since the investigation began. They reassigned staffing to assist in the investigation and move quickly early on in the process while seeking help from outside agencies.

Person of Interest + $10k reward now offered by City of Oakley

“We stand a better chance of finding Alexis because of all the help we have received. In addition to locating Alexis, maintaining the integrity of the case has been one of our highest priorities,” explained Beard. “We have now reached the point that is beyond frustrating to all of us.”

Beard says they have exhausted all investigative avenues and are now seeking help from the public.

“I can attest we have searched land, sea and air for Alexis,” said Beard.

Detective Tyler Horn provided an overview of the case which began on January 26, 2022 which is the day Alexis went missing and that her last known location was a home in the city of Antioch.

Horn stated that Alexis’ family had not heard from her and that it was unusual behavior as she remained in closed contact with the family often.

“On January 27, Alexis Gabe was reported missing to the Oakley Police Department and officers conducted area searches and spoke with family and friends of Alexis. Family and friends gathered for a search of the area and her vehicle was found abandoned at the intersection of Trenton Street and Carrington Drive in Oakley,” explained Horn.

Police then began extensive area checks in both the City of Oakley and City of Antioch and conducted interviews with witnesses and gathered surveillance from relevant areas.

On Thursday, video was released of a person of interest by the Oakley Police Department Thursday (see video)

The person of interest is described as the male that dropped off Alexis Gabe’s vehicle. He is described as a male approximately 5’11 to 6’ tall, skinny build, dark skin male, large overcoat, beanie and cap on, with N-95 style mask covering his face with a beard protruding under the mask.

Horn explained the person of interest walked away from Alexis’ vehicle through the city of Oakley and walked towards the city of Antioch. This prompted multiple search warrants in the case.

“Numerous search warrants have been written and executed during this investigation and the Oakley Police department can officially state that we believe Alexis’ disappearance was not by accident or by choice,” said Horn. “We strongly suspect foul play and seek the public’s assistance in locating Alexis.”

Oakley Mayor Randy Pope announced that the city of Oakley has created an award fund of $10k as a tool to help bring Alexis home. The goal was to help uncover new and more information on the case.

Gwyn Gabe, the father of Alexis, thanked the police departments the community and the city for putting up a reward fund to help bring Alexis home.

“This is by far the most unexpected and difficult thing we have had to face which is the reason its taken so long for me and my wife to speak publicly about this,” said Gabe. “It’s been three excruciating months since Alexis disappearance. Since the day our daughter went missing, we have questioned our faith and have been completely overwhelmed and filled with doubt and despair. But with the love and support of those around us, we continue to find renewed strength and hope everyday.”

He continued stating he knows this has not only impacted their lives, but the community.

“Alexis is an amazing woman, daughter, sister and friend,” said Gabe. “She’s genuine, loving, kind, smart and loyal. She is full of humor and still has so much life, laughter and joy to share. We are pleading to whoever has information regarding Alexis’ disappearance to please come forward. Please give Alexis the chance to be the person she is meant to be in this world. Tell us where she is. Help us bring her back home. We need our daughter back.”

Beard call this case the biggest case in the City of Oakley history and realized it was bigger than the city and could not investigate the case on their own and have had assistance from the Antioch Police Department–working everyday since her disappearance.

“My message to you is we need assistance from the public to help us solve this case,” said Beard.

  • Tip Line: (925) 625-7009
  • email: [email protected]
  • Details: long black hair, brown eyes with glasses. She is 5’7 approximately 170 lbs. Age 24
  • Last seen wearing: white tank top, blue jeans, white & green Jordan’s
  • Last Known Location: Bentree Way, Antioch. Her vehicle was found abandoned with keys in ignition on Trenton Street in City of Oakley

Question & Answer

On what Alexis was doing prior to her disappearance?   Oakley Police said she was visiting a friend in the City of Antioch.

On if the boyfriend is still a person of interest?  Oakley police said he and many others are still a person of interest.

Person of Interest video/photo The photo released today was one of the “best” photos they have to date. Photo was taken at Oakley Road and Beldin Lane in the City of Oakley—approximately 4-5 minutes from where vehicle was dropped off.  Police say they believe the person dropped off the vehicle.

Search of Home in Antioch? Oakley Police did not share details of the search within the home. Did not confirm or deny bleach smell inside the home.

Oakley Police Officers in Pioneer, CA? Could not release information.

Tracking her phone? Could not release information

Agencies involved? Oakley Police Department, Antioch Police Department, FBI and several other agencies not yet named.

$10k Reward Fund? The $10k is being put up by the city of Oakley

Twenty-four-year-old Oakley resident Alexis Gabe was last seen on January 26, 2022, in Antioch, California. Investigators have been aggressively pursuing leads in the case and are now requesting the support of the community.

The last statement from Oakley Police came on February 16 highlighting that the disappearance of Alexis Gabe is at the forefront of police operations daily.

The investigation into the disappearance of Alexis Gabe has remained at the  forefront of the Oakley Police Departments daily operations. We have also  remained in frequent contact with the Gabe family throughout our investigation and we support them in their efforts as they try to locate Alexis as well.

We understand there is a great deal of public interest in this case. We remain  committed to the tenets of completing a thorough investigation and making sure  the integrity of our investigation outweighs public curiosity. The Oakley Police
Department remains committed to locating Alexis and we are continuing on our  path towards a complete investigation.

Alexis Gabe went missing under a  suspicious circumstances on January 27, 2022. Gabe is described as an Asian female, 5’7”, 170 pounds and last known to be wearing a white tank top, silver/black hooded sweatshirt, black pants and green/white shoes.

The Oakley Police Department have not publicly identified any suspects in the case, however, they have recovered her vehicle with keys in the ignition.

The Oakley Police Department had previously served a search warrant at a residential location in the City of Antioch related to the disappearance of Alexis Gabe.  The home was located on Benttree Way. They have released no details on the search. According to Police, the Oakley Police Department was assisted by the Antioch Police Department and the Contra Costa County District’s Attorney’s office.

The police department is asking the community to report any credible sightings of Gabe, or any information that will lead to her discovery by calling the Oakley Police Department at 925-625-8060.

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