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Tri Delta Transit Goes Off the Grid in Eastern Contra Costa County

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ANTIOCH, CA, – Tri Delta Transit, long known for being forward thinking, has installed an innovative solar charging station at the new Oakley Park & Ride which is set to open this month.

The charger, a Beam EV ARC 2020, is the first of its kind in Contra Costa County.  The EV ARC 2020 is an energy charger that takes no construction or electrical work.  The four plug-in capacity charger is pre-made and was delivered by a truck today. The unit anchors to the ground by using a heavy plate that requires no foundation work.

Designed to fit a standard parking space, a vehicle can park in one of the four designated parking spaces, plug in and charge.  The BeamTrak solar array moves to maintain the best angle of the sun to provide uninterrupted operations and charges up to 265 e-miles a day.

Tri Delta Transit COO Steve Ponte states, “Since the charging station is completely off the grid, charging can take place day or night, in bad weather or good, or in the event of a grid failure. It produces a reliable and consistent slow charge and can serve to operate in a black out or power failure.”

Board Chair Anissa Williams says, “We are excited to have this advanced technology because it not only fits in with our mission to decrease greenhouse emissions, but it means Tri Delta Transit can assist in serving as an important source of emergency/alternate power for the community for uses such as powering emergency vehicles in times of need.”

Under CEO Jeanne Krieg’s 31-year leadership, Tri Delta Transit has been ahead of the game in areas such as green business certification, implementing computerized dispatch systems, operating on-demand bus transportation, and adopting apps for mobile ticketing, real-time route arrival information, hazard reporting, and passenger counts. In addition, Tri Delta Transit was an early adopter of electric buses and will be using hydrogen fuel in the future.

Please visit the website www.trideltatransit.com for more information about Tri Delta Transit.

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