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UPDATED: Ring Cameras Capture Bear Sighting in City of Oakley

by ECT

According to a Ring Video located at homes in the City of Oakley, they viewed a bear walking along the sidewalk in the area of E Cypress Road and Main Street in a neighborhood near Delta Vista Middle School Friday morning.

The actual video was taken on Warhol Way in the City of Oakley at approximently 4:30 am. Although the original video was posted on line, a second video was sent which confirmed the incident (see main photo).

Video Link: Click here


As of 11:10 am Friday, City of Oakley released the following statement:

“We have received several reports of a sighting of a large animal- possibly a bear- in the area of Delta Vista Middle School. We are aware of it and the Department of Fish and Game is involved. If you see the animal, do not go near it. Please call the OPD non-emergency line at (925) 625-8060 to report a sighting to aid Fish and Game.”


This morning (Friday, June 4th) at around 8:00 a.m., the Oakley Police Department became aware of a possible bear sighting in the area of Rembrandt Court and Warhol Drive. Our officers responded to the area and began investigating. Our officers discovered area residents were actually reporting about seeing a bear on their security camera systems, and the footage had been captured earlier in the pre-dawn hours (approximately 4:30 a.m.). The footage did confirm the presence of a bear.

Due to the nature of this investigation we solicited the assistance of the Contra Costa Animal Services Department to ensure the safety of the general public. We are also working with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. We have also received assistance from the East Bay Regional Park District. Local stakeholders have also been notified of this investigation.

Our officers have not located the bear, nor have we made contact with anybody who has actually physically seen the bear. We do however believe it is quite possible for the bear to still be in the general vicinity.

The Oakley Police Department and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife are working together to monitor this situation. We wish to stress the following:

  • Do not try to approach or feed the bear
  • Keep your pets inside
  • When possible look for signs of bear activity (knocked down plants, damaged fences, scratch marks, pet food bowls strewn around etc…) before venturing into your backyard
  • Do not place yourself in a situation that forces a confrontation with the bear
  • Respect the animal and give it space

Although this is not at all a common situation we wish to remind everybody we actually live in an area that is shared with many forms of wildlife (Mt. Diablo mountain range and the California Delta). In these types of investigations the best outcome is for the bear to return to its habitat on its own. The Oakley Police Department, and our allied partners, will continue to follow-up on any additional bear sightings and we will keep our community posted.

A routine bear sighting may be reported to us via dispatch at 925-625-8060. Any emergency may be reported by calling 911.

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