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Press Release: Firefighters Release Statement on Station Closures

by ECT

Press Release Statement from United Professional Firefighters of Contra Costa County Local 1230 President Vince Wells on Station Closures

“As the representative of 6 different fire agencies in Contra Costa County – Contra Costa, East Contra Costa, El Cerrito, Moraga-Orinda, Pinole, and Rodeo-Hercules Fire Protection Districts – we are deeply concerned about what’s happening to emergency services in the county. A lack of revenue has led to cuts to our fire service that are already having a dangerous impact on the safety of residents in our community, with more cuts to come.

This week, residents in these areas of Contra Costa County will see the loss of 4 fire companies and a significant decrease in the emergency services they depend on. Tomorrow, the East Contra Costa County Fire Protection District will close half their fire stations due to a lack of revenue – from 6 stations to just 3 stations serving 250 square miles and 105,000 residents. And on July 5th, the Contra Costa Fire Protection District will shut down one more company out of the City of Concord. Contra Costa residents are losing their fire and emergency services rapidly and, with it, the response times and critical care they need.

In 2008, these fire districts had 50 companies responding to emergencies, and after July 5th we will only have 41 operating companies with more cuts on the horizon. As firefighters, we are your front line of defense in an emergency. With every budget cut and station closure, we lose our ability to protect you and your home. Contra Costa’s firefighters are deeply saddened by these closures and greatly concerned about their impact on our ability to provide the quick and effective fire and emergency services our community depends on. We look forward to working with the fire districts to solve this budget crisis and stave off any more cuts.”


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