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Updated: One Dead in Officer Involved Shooting in Oakley

by ECT

On Friday, the Oakley Police Department confirmed one suspect was dead in an early morning officer involved shooting within the City of Oakley.

Chief Paul Beard said it appeared to be a domestic incident which officers responded and shot a suspect. The suspect is deceased.  Oakley Police are expected to release more information later Friday morning.

7:25 am UPDATE:

On Thursday at 10:40 pm, Oakley Police Officers they responded to 1800 block of Teresa Lane for a domestic dispute where a boyfriend had been driving her around with a gun threatening to kill a female and himself. When they got to the home, the female was able to flee on foot and call 9-1-1.

After talking to female, they learned multiple shots had fired inside the home, police estimate as many as 9-shots were fired.

Upon further investigation, police located the male with inside the home. After a couple of hours of attempting to make contact with the male they utilized a drone to make further contact. At 1:18 am Friday, the suspect fired three rounds at officers. A single officer fired back striking the male.

After medical aid was provided, the suspect, a 58-year-old man died at the scene. His name was not released.

According to police, county protocol has been invoked with the investigation being conducted by the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office and the Oakley Police Department investigations unit.

8:52 am UPDATE: Officer Involved Shooting in Oakley (Via Oakley Police

Oakley PoliceOn August 25th, 2022, at approximately 10:40pm, Oakley PD Officers responded to a report of a Domestic Dispute in the 1800 block of Teresa Lane.  The caller stated her boyfriend had a gun and had been driving around with her in the car not letting her leave.  The boyfriend told her he was going to kill her and himself.

Once at the residence the victim fled on foot and called police.

Officers arrived and attempted to contact the, 58 year old male.  The male did not respond to Officers.  Officers used a drone and were able to see the subject inside the residence armed with a handgun.  Officers continued to try and establish communications with the suspect, but he did not respond.  Several shots were fired by the suspect inside the home.

At approximately 1:18am, the suspect fired several rounds at Oakley Officers.  One Officer returned fire striking the suspect.  Medical aid was provided but the suspect died on scene.  The Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office responded along with Oakley Detectives.

According to Chief Beard “Our officers are trained to deescalate situations at every opportunity when that is a viable option. Our officers attempted to deescalate this tragic situation last night, but the suspect would not allow for our attempts to take hold. When officers are presented with such grave situations, and when no other options work or are available, they must sometimes fall back on other critical training they receive on a regular basis. This is the training they fell back on last night to ensure there was no loss of lives of innocent victims or the officers themselves.”

This is an ongoing investigation, names and more details will be provided at a later date.

6:22 pm: Oakley Police Chief Issues Statement on Shooting & Domestic Violence

Suspect identified as Frank Anthony Correa, a 58-year-old male and resident of Oakley.

I wish to address the Oakley community regarding last nights fatal officer involved shooting on Teresa Lane. The events that transpired last night can only be described as very scary and dangerous for all involved. To put it very mildly what happened last night was completely unnecessary. —  full statement

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