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Oakley’s Doug Hardcastle to Run for County Supervisor Seat

by ECT

Oakley Mayor Doug Hardcastle has announced his intention to run for Contra Costa County Board of Supervisor, District 3, in the 2016 election. He will officially kick off his campaign on October 21 in Brentwood.

Hardcastle hopes to unseat Supervisor Mary Piepho who will seek a fourth term as she has held the seat since 2004 where she beat then incumbent Millie Greenburg after receiving 58.5% of the vote. She was successfully re-elected in 2008 after fending off Guy Houston, a termed-out assemblyman. In 2012 ran unopposed.

Hardcastle says he is running because of his grandkids and to protect their future in the county where there is a lack of fire services available to the public.

IMG_3378“I am running for my family, because we have a inadequate fire department here right now and that really needs to be taken care of. It keeps being put off and put off,” said Hardcastle. “I think the county level would have a big hand in a solution. They control the 1% and they have got a reserve fund they could kick in for an emergency.”

Hardcastle explained that in East Contra Costa, the District should have 10 fire stations, but instead only has 3 stations. He is seeking a solution for the cash strapped district and suggests using reserve funds to address the emergency.

“I went before the Board of Supervisors and they kinda shrugged their shoulders at me,” says Hardcastle. “Well they have this pile of our money sitting over there which is our money; well that is an emergency fund.”

Editors Note: When Hardcastle spoke to the Board of Supervisors, it was during Public Comment and they could not respond.

When asked what he has done with the City of Oakley to address the fire issue facing the ECCFPD he says he is trying to get people to change their perspective on the issue.

“I’ve gone to the fire meetings and told everyone to look at this personally like it is going to happen to you. I look at it like my grand kids, are they going to be stuck in a car after an accident and wait 20-minutes to have firefighters [sic] save their life. Or my house is on fire and I am going to sit there and watch it burn while they are somewhere else fighting another fire,” explained Hardcastle. “It’s about family.”

When asked if he believed he could flip two standing Board of Supervisors into providing funding to the ECCFPD, he said he thinks he could.

“I believe so. It’s like going into a room and its dark and you turn on the light, it exposes things. I will expose things,” stated Hardcastle. “I’ll put their feet to the fire and hold them accountable.”

Other issue’s that Hardcastle says he plans to address if elected is public safety and roads. He noted that there has to be a way for adequate police funding for both Antioch and Richmond because of the violence that goes on there.

“We in Oakley are blessed a community because we can go outside and walk at nighttime. I am not worried about being shot at on any of the streets I walk on,” said Hardcastle. “You look at Antioch or Richmond, you have a real problem when you have to have bars on your windows, that is no way to live.”

If elected, Hardcastle would then be tasked with trying to rebuild the Contra Costa County Office of the Sheriff who is struggling with funding and staffing levels—including losing the City of Oakley next June after Oakley cancelled its contract under Hardcastle’s leadership.

Hardcastle says rebuilding the Sheriff’s Department will be a challenge; however, the move to cancel the contract for the City of Oakley saves residents between $600k-to-$800k per year. His solution on fixing the Sheriffs Office is tapping into reserve funds.

“You can use reserve money. They have money to make sure the Sheriff’s Department is properly funded. You also have to make sure the District Attorney is properly funded so that they can go out and prosecute these things that people are getting away with because we don’t have the money to prosecute so these people who don’t know how to behave in public get away without even a hand slap,” explained Hardcastle.

He highlighted that while he is committed to work on reducing crime, the State (AB 109) and voters (Prop 47) are making it more challenging for local jurisdictions to keep crime off the streets.

“Who are they supporting when they do what they do? They are not supporting me with the laws they come up with on crime. It goes back to holding people accountable. When I was a kid, you do the crime you do the time,” said Hardcastle. “The District Attorney is coming up with the truancy thing to hold people accountable, well it’s about time to hold somebody responsible for their kids.”

He noted that by properly funding the Sheriff’s Office and District Attorney’s Office, it would ensure the laws that are already on the books would be properly enforced.

Another big issue for Hardcastle is roads. He is of the philosophy that maintaining them versus rebuilding them. He says there is a huge cost savings that is estimated as much as eight-times cheaper to invest in maintenance versus rebuilding.

“As mayor, it’s been a pet peeve of mine to go out there and perform more maintenance on our roads in Oakley versus rebuilding. We are spending a little more money on roads this year than normal,” said Hardcastle. “

Hardcastle further highlighted that the county is not doing a good job maintaining the roads and suggests all one has to do was drive around and a problem could be located. When asked specifically which area he would address, he didn’t provide a specific but said to just look at the county because it’s a problem all over.

When asked if there was any issues not being discussed right now that he believes should be discussed, he replied no.

“No, because at the end of each meeting we will ask for any future agenda items. You only have so much money in your budget so you have to take care of the basics,” said Hardcastle.

Hardcastle added people have to pick and choose their battles, such as the proposed “Safety Tax”.

Editors note: no such tax has been proposed. It’s been brought up for discussion, however, there are no plans at this time to move forward.

“They were talking about raising a tax for safety. Well no, you can just pull back 1% which is $36 million. If you just reduce spending [sic] by 1% in the county, you just put $36 million back into the reserves that you can put where it’s really needed—no fluff,” explained Hardcastle. “But things that are important to the health and wellness of the people.”

When asked where he would cut the 1% from, he says there are always ways to cut.

“I am not in there,” stated Hardcastle. “I know that even in my business I can cut. People need to look at their budget. When I used to sell stuff to the county they would come in and need next day aired in. Okay, I got it 1-day aired in and well it sat on the shelf for 3-days. They came in a week later and needed a part and they go we need it next day aired too. I go no I am not going to next day air that. They said why not. I said because that is my money, you don’t need it next day aired. I’ll call you when it comes in and it will be fine. So when people spend money that frivolously, that one little $5 or $10 all adds up. So people need to be held accountable. They are not holding people accountable because it’s always easier to spend someone else’s dollar. They don’t need to look at it like someone else’s dollar, they need to look at it like that’s coming out of my pocket. Would I spend that if I was in business, no you wouldn’t?”

With the election expected to heat up after the Holidays, Hardcastle says he has not yet decided on how much he will spend on the race, but that voters will not have to worry about being bombarded with mailers. Instead they may get a knock on the door.

“I know how much has been spent on the other side in the past, almost $400k. Am I going to spend that much? No. When I ran for city council I probably ran using the least amount of money to run for council. I’d rather get out there and walk the precincts, know who I am. Understand who I am which is much better than getting five flyers in your mailbox,” said Hardcastle. “It’s kind of embarrassing when you have to buy your way into politics. I look at it as a service job. The supervisors get paid well, but when I was on Ironhouse Sanitary District I was serving the people and when I am on the council, I am serving the people. You don’t do it for the money, especially at the local level [sic].”

Board of Supervisor

Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors

Hardcastle said part of the reason why he was running was for Supervisor was because he didn’t like the Board of Supervisors voting themselves such a large pay increase.

“When I see the positions that a majority of the supervisors take and stuff like that like pay [sic] raises and car allowances that is totally uncalled for. I know every needs a raise from time to time but a 33% raise, I don’t care if they haven’t got a raise in 20-years, whatever you do you do it in increments,” said Hardcastle.

When asked if he would take the raise that they just voted for he said he donates 10% to church.

“I don’t think you have a choice to say I am not working for nothing. I donate to church,” said Hardcastle. “I give 10% of what I make to church, that is what I do.”

In the end, the Board of Supervisors settled on a 7% salary increase in a March 2015 meeting after not receiving a raise in 9-years. Meanwhile, in August, the Oakley City Council voted itself a 5% pay increase.

Hardcastle said Oakley did vote for the increase, but noted the Mayor of Brentwood received two pay raises within four-months at a 65% increase.

“I was kind of embarrassed, but there was a particular person on the city council who needed that $21 a month. It was like why even do it,” said Hardcastle. “It costs me more money to be on the council than whatever money I would ever get if left work.”

While working on the Oakley City Council and serving as Mayor one of his favorite accomplishments was hosting “Mayor at the Market” once a month in order to meet with residents and go over concerns. A lot of the time, the issues people spoke about were regarding speeding around town and improving roads.

IMG_5019When asked to specify some of his bigger accomplishments on the council he replied moving to its own police department and saving taxpayers money on the downtown fountain.

“It’s not what one person does; it’s what we do as a council. I think it’s a good deal with the sheriff switching over to our own police department. That has been big which saves us money and in turn allow us to hire more cops because we need more cops as we grow,” said Hardcastle. “Having a better attitude on the dollar, like the fountain, I was never a big supporter of spending that much money on the fountain. Me bringing the light on that, it was a ridiculous amount. It’s a nice feature but it was $1.4 million.”

Editors Note: Sheriff Livingston wrote a letter to the City explaining why it was a bad idea.

As mayor, he said he has had conversations with Congressman Jerry McNerney but not so much with Assemblyman Jim Frazier and Senator Steve Glazer.

“I’ve talked to Congressman McNerney a lot because he comes around a lot. Not Jim Frazier so much because he really doesn’t show up at our functions or here too much,” said Hardcastle.

He highlighted that as an elected, there are expectations that when you reach out that they should respond. It was asked if there was a specific example of him reaching out to the State representatives or Congress to help Oakley, he said there was no example.

IMG_4823“I’ve talked to fire with McNerney, he said it’s [fire service] a local state and county thing. There is too much shoulder shrugging on stuff,” said Hardcastle.

When asked if he had met with Supervisor Mary Piepho on local issues to help the fire district or the City of Oakley, he highlighted he had only spoke with her during local Board meetings such as Tri Delta Transit but never in a one-on-one meeting.

Hardcastle was asked about his supporters and endorsements as he gears up for the campaign. He didn’t provide names, but says he has support.

“Everybody that I’ve talked to, I haven’t written down for my flyer or whatever, but I’ve not talked to one single person who said I don’t support you,” said Hardcastle. “Others have said I can’t support you because I am in a political thing and they are worried about repercussions if they come out and support me.”

Hardcastle provided an example that at Senator Steve Glazers swearing in, he was talking to people and they were looking over their shoulder because Supervisor Piepho was there.

“They are all looking over their shoulder, and I am going really,” explained Hardcastle. “Mary Piepho was one of the first people I told I was running, she replied I thought we were friends. I go we are friends but I think I can do a better job.”

Hardcastle believes voters should support him because he will be fiscally responsible and make sure their money is spent appropriately while fighting for public safety and fixing roads.

“I will come in fiscally responsible and will protect their dollar to make sure it’s spent properly and where it needs to be spent. We are elected for the health, welfare and safety of the people we represent and I don’t believe that’s totally being done right there and I will make a change in that. I will not take no for that and a shrug of the shoulders is not an answer. I want response and I will get a response,” said Hardcastle.

Hardcastle has lived in Contra Costa his entire life and has been married to his wife Lyn for 43-years while living in Oakley for 35-years. He has served in the Army and earned an honorable discharge while running his business since 1972. He attends Golden Hills Community Church where he has been in their choir for 14-years.

Editors notes:
During the interview, Hardcastle did not disclose how much funding he had raised to date saying he does not have a total number on that. He also did not provide any endorsements when asked.

For those wishing to donate to Hardcastles campaign, he will be launching a website in the near future. Checks can be made out to “Friends of Hardcastle for Supervisor 2016” You can drop them off at Hardcastle RV located on Main Street in Oakley.

Interview occurred on Sept. 30, 2015

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Oakley Old Timer Oct 14, 2015 - 9:20 am

Seems obvious to me, hardcastle cares more about police and fire than piepho. he has my vote plus he lives in Oakley.

Confused AF in Oakley Oct 14, 2015 - 10:06 am

What an informative interview. This man is a quack.

“ …It’s like going into a room and its dark and you turn on the light, it exposes things. I will expose things,” stated Hardcastle. “I’ll put their feet to the fire and hold them accountable.”

WHY NOT HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE NOW???? If you have some kind of great powers of influence Mr HardC – please use it now. If you know of some “secret fund” please expose it now.
I will give you my vote if you do that.
Not going to just take your word for it when your favorite accomplishment is hosting “Mayor at the Market”
MaryP and JimF are probably not going to meet with you at Luckys.

Union Bill Oct 14, 2015 - 10:53 am

What a hot mess. Rob Peter to pay Paul and where does he cut 1% from the county. Programs are already underfunded and believe he should talk to the county employees before suggesting such ignorant opinions. If there was some big reserve fund that only he knows about then employees would be getting raises, doctors hospital would be open, she sheriffs office would have competitive pay and proper staffing and fire stations would be open.

What sticks out to me is this fire talk which we all know ect has a fixation on, sounds like he wanted to give ect some talking points in order to get his support, but do not see where he has actually tried to help the district. As a county supervisor he is responsible for Contra Costa County, not a special district in ECCFPD.

He seems to talk a big game, but no action since he never met with anyone to try and fix the problem as mayor. Wow is all I have to say, just a hot mess over there in Oakley.

Reality Check Oct 14, 2015 - 11:03 am

With regards to the raises, Hardcastle voted himself a 5% raise based on he was embarrassed but a friend on the council needed the money? right there shows he will put a friend before taxpayers to help them out.

Yet supervisors got just a 7% raise after 9 years? He then throws mayor taylor under the bus by saying well he got 65%. he may be a nice man, but he sounds like he is talking out of his ass.

Thank you for this interview ECT, it was a real eye opener.

FrankS Oct 14, 2015 - 11:21 am

Way to go Doug, anyone but Piepho. She has done nothing to fix fire services in either district.Done a great job in Oakley, don’t listen to these crazies. Support Hardcastle.

East County Old Timer Oct 14, 2015 - 11:56 am

“Don’t listen to these crazies”??? FrankS, did you even read Hardcastles responses??? OMG, if you think he has both oars in the water, you deserve him. Wow.

Piepho has done quite a bit for fire services which is saying a lot since our district is not the responsibility of the county. More importantly what has Hardcastle done for the fire district as the city of Oakley is 100 percent vested in the fire department. Hardcastle doesn’t have an answer, do you?

East County Old Timer Oct 14, 2015 - 11:50 am

ECT thank you for sharing your interview with Mr. Hardcastle. It should serve as a warning to anyone that would have possibly planned on voting for him. As a staunch Republican he scares the crap out of me. He comes across as the mad hatter and takes the tea party to a whole other level.

Not only do his ideas not make sense, they conflict with each other. Like a typical politician he did not answer the important questions asked of him. The few softball questions demonstrated that he doesn’t really know what he is doing. I have to wonder if it is inexperience or if anyone is that out of touch.

While reading the interview my jaw fell open as he threw every elected official from the Mayor of Brentwood to our local Senator under the train. If that wasn’t enough he made disparaging remarks about Antioch right out of the gate! This is a guy that wants a vote? Sorry Mr. Hardcastle but based on your own words and actions you don’t work well with others and haven’t a clue about the position you are seeking.

When someone’s biggest accomplishment is a fountain, you have to wonder how he even got to be Mayor. Oh that’s right, it’s not an elected position, it’s a rotated one.

stop the bs Oct 14, 2015 - 12:16 pm

Frank-fixing fire services is not the responsibility of the county or Supervisor Mary Piepho. Hasn’t been for a long time. It is an independent special district which means it is independent from the county. It’s not new and most people understand it by now. The county handed over the district with millions in reserve funds (under Piepho’s watch). That’s right Frank, the county handed over the district with Millions of tax dollars, making sure it had enough money to hold them over until their house was in order. Both Oakley and Brentwood pushed for that hand over. It’s all a matter of public record Frank so don’t waste our time trying to suggest otherwise.

The fire district which is independent is made up of two cities and some unincorporated areas of the county. The county being the smallest part at less than 20 percent and the cities being the largest making up 80 percent. It is obvious that the cities have a far greater responsibility as demonstrated by the formation of a task force. Ask yourself, why then has Oakley done nothing and why is Hardcastle so in the dark? It’s a simple question.

Since the county handed over the district with over 10 million dollars in reserve funding and has provided fire engines and manpower for back up (at county expense) how can you say with a straight face that Piepho and the county has done nothing? It’s simple, you can’t.

Hardcastle is not the solution, he is the problem. Just read this interview. If you still don’t get it, then you have bigger problems than Hardcastle.

Karen Oct 14, 2015 - 12:27 pm

Good for hardcastle to provide a plan. Its better than doing nothing. Even if his plan is bad at least its more than anyone else has provided such as Piepho who has essentially turned a blind eye.He is right, the county could cut 1% very easy. Even the raises, undo them and you have savings. Let them pay for their own cars and gas. Doug can bring good business sense to the county and show people how its done

stop the bs Oct 14, 2015 - 12:43 pm

Karen are you serious? Hardcastle’s plan is worse than bad because it’s a non starter. Apparently you and Hardcastle can’t get past the fact that the fire district is outside the county’s political jurisdiction and control. In case you have doubts, Piepho didn’t turn a blind eye, she handed over the district with a whole lot of money and continued auto and mutual aid from the county to support our failed district. You really think the taxpayers from the rest of the county who are already paying more than us for fire services would be ok with us raiding the counties general fund for an independent district? This hasn’t been done for Con fire or any one of the other 8 fire districts, so what makes you think they would double dip for our fire district, an independent district which has failed it’s own citizens.

You might ask yourself how he plans to accomplish anything by offending every elected official in the district with this interview. He certainly set himself apart and that’s not a good thing.

You really need to do your homework. So does your guy Hardcastle.

EastCountyToday Oct 14, 2015 - 12:48 pm

Rather than calling it a “non-starter”, I think we should at least see the full plan prior to killing it. Fair enough @Stop the BS?

stop the bs Oct 14, 2015 - 1:02 pm

You might be right ECT, but he not only failed to show a plan, he contradicts himself and has already disparaged anyone that might be in a position to assist him. Furthermore he has had more than enough time to unveil any plan he has while operating as Mayor. Instead he has drug his feet and failed to meet with fellow politicians. He said it himself!

This is an issue which has been at his front door for years and he has done nothing. Now he is trying to vie for a seat on the BOS which has no jurisdiction on the FD and he wants to hold someone’s feet to the fire? That’s his plan?

We can only comment on what he has offered so far and in this interview. The direction he has offered suggests strongly that he has no plan and worse he has poisoned his own well.

That technically makes it a non starter to me. I believe it’s a reasonable summary.

EastCountyToday Oct 14, 2015 - 12:56 pm

@Karen, it’s a policy and requirement to pay for a vehicle when it’s primary use is that of employment. Since driving from meeting to meeting throughout the district this makes up a majority of of that expense.

That's not it at all Oct 14, 2015 - 8:30 pm

ECT, the greed that Mary Piepho demonstrated was not due to taking a car allowance OR mileage reimbursement. She thinks she is entitled to BOTH!

Jeff S Oct 14, 2015 - 9:24 pm

@That’s not it at all, Uhhhh dude, you might want to check yourself. The Supervisors (including Piepho) are entitled to a car allowance and mileage. Neither covers the costs so BOTH are included and will continue as prescribed by law. It’s not greed, it’s compensation for out of pocket expenses. Sorry you didn’t figure that out! You sound about as bright as Mr. Hardcastle……geeeesh!

Buy a Clue Oct 16, 2015 - 9:41 am

@That’s not it at all

Is that the best you can come up with is cherrying picking historical facts?

Whether car allowance is allowed or not is decided by individual agencies or corporate interests in the private sector. Your armchair CPA advice is off the mark. The IRS does not set the policy. They only set the reimbursement rate and what is deductible and whether it is taxed or not.

Isn’t it funny how you like to emphasize “peer comparisons” on one point, but ignore it on others? You don’t seem to think the peer comparisons applied on salaries. Which is why CCC remains well below other Bay Area Counties. But you want to extend that logic to a vehicle allowance?

Before your band of hypocrites and haters get too far, keep the legal advice based on facts. Your unsubstantiated opinions are obviously biased, not to mention just plain wrong.

From your minutes link, Ms. Margaret Eychner claims, “providing both a generous fixed allowance plus mileage reimbursement at the IRS rate was paying twice for the same benefit”.

Benefit? You are “reimbursing”, by your own words. How is that a benefit? Did any of you bother to do the math on that one? And when she introduced the word “generous” into the official record, it shows a clear subjective bias, where objective analysis was what was called for. She was clearly not up to the task.

Here’s the thing. If you want to approach paying government employees like Walmart Greeters, eventually you are going to end up with an army of Walmart Greeters running your government. Then you’ll be whining non-stop about the ineffective performance of government which you created with your own short-sighted ignorance.

There is a brain drain at all levels of county and local government services underway right now as people move to jobs in neighboring Counties for better compensation. Government employees are tired of being subjected to the penny pinching, abusive behavior of the civics illiterates like you. Maybe you run your business and treat your employees like that. But don’t pee in the pool the rest of us have swim in by spreading that crap outside your own little messed up world.

ECNC Oct 18, 2015 - 4:40 pm

ECT, This is a great example of you stepping in and giving preference to the Piepho clan. Car allowance is for all expenses. Trying to profit off of double dipping is wrong. Another example of unethical greed by Piepho. Just use a county car if it is not good enough. Problem solved.

EastCountyToday Oct 18, 2015 - 5:22 pm

Support the Piepho clan? How so? Car allowances are given because of the wear and tear on a vehicle driving to and from meetings. It’s not like they are making money off this car allowance. I would support Hardcastle if he was the sitting county supervisor as driving from Oakley to Martinez daily would not be kind on his vehicle–sometimes it would be Oakley to SF, Sacramento, or other parts of the county.

In this case, would you prefer the standing supervisors be given a vehicle to drive home?

Time 2 Factcheck Oct 18, 2015 - 8:51 pm

ECNC, your propaganda and mudslinging didn’t work on the last thread and it won’t work here. Your allegations fall flat and you fail to provide any support for your allegations. Trying to throw around words like “double dipping” when they don’t apply only results in making you look desperate. ECT (Burkeholder) does his homework. I suggest you do the same, (but that wouldn’t really help with your attempts to mislead people).

Leslie N Oct 18, 2015 - 11:24 pm

If there is favoritism I think I missed it. What I do know is supervisor Mary Pirpho has done good work around east contra Costa. She helped resolve a neighborhood problem for me and has assisted my father with an issue he had. He is a US Veteran and has told me she often has dinner with the vets and has worked with them on local things. She has earned all the votes from my family.

Marty Fernandez Oct 14, 2015 - 1:05 pm

I’m sorry, Hardcastle has not researched anything. His work for the water district was nothing but collecting all he could for making special trips in to the office to sign a check that could have waited until the next meeting. Same with the fire district, he accomplished nothing. Supports a questionable deal with the city manager buying him a house at tax payers expense. Sorry, I can at least get answers from Mrs. Piepho.

Richard Oct 14, 2015 - 2:29 pm

Is this guy for real?

“Everybody that I’ve talked to, I haven’t written down for my flyer or whatever, but I’ve not talked to one single person who said I don’t support you,” said Hardcastle. “Others have said I can’t support you because I am in a political thing and they are worried about repercussions if they come out and support me.”
Hardcastle provided an example that at Senator Steve Glazers swearing in, he was talking to people and they were looking over their shoulder because Supervisor Piepho was there.”

Mr. Hardcastle appears to not know what a polite excuse sounds like. I was there at the event as a supporter and watched him try to “work the room” with no luck. Supervisor Piepho is very well respected by her peers throughout the county and this event was no exception. Several of the guest speakers referred to Mary Piepho publicly in the context of their speeches. If they were “looking over their shoulders” it was because they were embarrassed to be a victim of Hardcastle’s clumsy campaigning efforts at Senator Glaziers event. Hardcastle had the audacity to use Glazier’s public swearing in as his own campaign opportunity rather than to be there in support. Believe me, it wasn’t well received.

If any doubt remains, Hardcastle also contradicted himself with the following statements:

1. “I’ve not talked to one single person who said I don’t support you,” said Hardcastle.

2. “Others have said I can’t support you…”

Erin Oct 14, 2015 - 5:25 pm

Way to go Doug, I had no idea you were running, Loved the interview, you will do great! Hope you are successful and can win the seat. The county can use some of your business knowledge to help reduce waste. Good job ECT!

B-Wood Oct 14, 2015 - 5:37 pm

Business sense? I must have missed that in the interview. Can you point me to what you are referring to Erin?

Thomas Peete Oct 15, 2015 - 12:56 am

Entertaining comments from some really small minded peeps.

This person is actually whining about a car allowance when the supervisor is performing public service on their behalf?

That’s not greed on Piepho’s part, it’s petty commentary from someone that is trying to distract readers from Hardcastle’s unfortunate interview.

Epic fail.

JS Oct 15, 2015 - 9:18 am

Same Piepho cronies attacking anything that disagrees. Hard castle will have to play the same game and display the large amount of Piepho dirt if he is going to win the seat. This will be an interesting run. Start diggin dirt there is plenty to use. Also, for the record the IRS does not allow double dipping on car allowance. Use a county car and get gas or your own and get mileage. Both is total greed.

B-Wood Oct 15, 2015 - 2:36 pm

Typical “drive by” hit piece by JS in which didn’t do Hardcastle any favors. As he has done in multiple other threads, sadly he posts bumper sticker commentary which is never meant to be honest. It’s extremely transparent. When questioned he his pattern is to disappear and abandon the topic. Funny thing though, his view of integrity and support is characterized as cult and cronies.

Poor JS, It must suck to be on the bottom side of every topic and constantly proven wrong. No wonder your posts are shallow, lack merit and come from such a hypocritical place. You almost have my sympathy.

Voter Oct 15, 2015 - 12:21 pm

ECT thanks for the insight.

I’ll be voting again for Piepho

Anon Too Oct 15, 2015 - 1:55 pm

I prefer “Piepho Apologists” in this particular case.

Myself, I really want a viable non-Piepho candidate and that’s not Doug Hardcastle.

Me Too Oct 16, 2015 - 11:12 am

Ect, after reading I’d vote for anyone but Doug Hard Castle. This job is way above his skills level.

He is lucky he got to be a mayor without actually running. I don’t think he would be elected.

Candace Oct 15, 2015 - 5:35 pm

Is it too early for Hardcastle to bash Danville for its crime?


Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh no!

anon Oct 15, 2015 - 11:04 pm

What a goofball

Its Time Oct 18, 2015 - 4:52 pm

Tired of giving raises and perks to politicians that could care less about the average east county citizen ? Join me and the rest of East County to better the quality of life.

Piepho must Go ! 50% raise, 33% raise, Personal Gas and Vehicle raise, meeting perk dollars, travel expense dollars, and No Help with our Fire Demise. Piepho Must Go !

Time 2 Factcheck Oct 18, 2015 - 8:29 pm

“It’s time” you are nothing but a shill.

If you are so worried about giveaways you should be REALLY worried about someone like Hardcastle. Check his record and current position which is advocating giving another raise to the city manager. Boosting it to a whopping $223,500 a year!!! Oakley which is the newest and smallest city in the county. That’s crazy and double what a county supervisor makes!!! Reading this interview shows to everyone that he talks out of both sides of his mouth. He doesn’t come across to me as someone that knows his subject matter but rather attempts to appeal to ignorance and frustration. Perhaps that is why he appeals to you?

If that’s not bad enough (and it is) check his record while he was on the Ironhouse board. I’d doubt you’d be pleased.

The rest of your comments “Personal gas, Vehicle raise, meeting perk dollars, travel expense dollars, and no help with our fire demise” make about as much sense as Hardcastle’s disjointed and confusing rant, illustrated in the interview above……That is unless you were going for an uneducated and untruthful tantrum. If that’s the case you both are on the same page.

Rhonda Oct 19, 2015 - 10:31 am

Mary gets my vote!

Absit Invidia Oct 23, 2015 - 10:11 pm

I’m moving to the area and stumbled upon your site last night while trying to get an idea of where I’m moving and was pleasantly surprised to read this very thorough and tough interview. Too often interviews with candidates seems more like a softball game then a news source. So this was very refreshing! Will you be doing the same thing with other candidates? I would love to read one with the woman from the NAACP who is running, i cant remember her name!

I was on the front page of the site last night and there was a comment that was posted to this article and it’s not here. I clicked on the name because it was blue and it took me to some weird website. I ask because the comment is how I came to read this article. I always wonder when reading blogs that aren’t run by a newspaper or news outlets how much the editors control the discussion in the comments. It would be really easy for blogs to keep out comments that are critical of the candidates the editors support or who run ads on their site. I’m not saying that’s what happened here but it did present a red flag to me.

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