Oakley: Shots Fired Near Middle School Prompts Lockdown

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At around 12:20 pm Friday, the Oakley Police Department responded to multiple reports of shots fired in the area of O’Hara Park Middle School along the trail.

The incident prompted O’Hara Park Middle School to go into lockdown.

According to police, they were on scene within 90-seconds and immediately and blocked off the Contra Costa Canal trail between O’Hara Avenue and W. Cypress Road as they searched the area.

Police also said they were investigating the incident, but as of 1:00 pm did not locate anything of concern.

Just last week, the police department and school district hosted an Emergency Response Training which focuses on the idea of preparing officers for every type of disaster one could think of for emergencies including active shooter in a school.

2:04 pm UPDATE

Oakley Police confirmed they received a report of 7-8 shots along the trail to the east of O’Hara Park Middle School and as officers responded the school was in the process of going into a lockdown.

Police say the School Principal, the District Superintendent, and the Chief of Police all arrived at the campus and were present during the incident. Officers searched the perimeter of the school and the area where the gunshots had been reported from. The East Bay Regional Parks Helicopter (Eagle 6) was brought in to assist with the search. Officers were unable to locate any active threats in the area and the school was allowed to unlock. Officers will remain in the area throughout the day.

Neighbors who may have seen anything during this time period are asked to contact OPD through our tip line at [email protected]