Oakley Seeks Input on What the Name of $50 Million Park Should Be

2006 Dutch Slough Community Park Conceptual Plan


  1. This is easy, in the end it will be called Bryan Montgomery Community Park because that is how incompetent our city council is. All these names are terrible and the city pushed this thing through so quickly they never gave citizens a real opportunity to provide input.

  2. How about.. Oakley’s Sherwood Forrest “a nice park paid for by jacked up HOMEOWNERS TAXES”

  3. Big park- I get why 50 mil, but if it meant having lower taxes I would say we should skip it. My $500/ month in property taxes is obnoxious- not to mention all of the other things I’m nickel and dimed on (bag tax anyone?).

    I have a GREAT idea! Lets build more self storage and gas stations…

  4. Montgomery is a Crook Park?
    Montgomery Has Ruined Oakley Wetlands??
    At Least its Not a Cigarette Store Park??
    Not Another 7-11 Recreation Area?

  5. Randy “Imminent Domain, for sidewalk” Pope, Park………..that even makes sense……

  6. You have built a beautiful Fire Dept….and no funds to man it?????? but you have $50 million to go to a
    park! Hope there are no bbq grills, because if there is a fire…God help!! Oakley, get your damn priorities in order!!!!! another park….just what is so DESPERATELY needed…unreal!

  7. Whattt!!!! I can’t believe how stupid humans are 😠 whoever is in charge of making this kind of decision are we okay of our heads please open your eyes we have a homeless crises also Oakley lacks of programs for youth with mental and emotional disabilities and here is Oakley talking about a park that is much not needed how about also help for low income families or building more schools this thing makes my stomach turn to even think there is humans that can not use their smartness in positive decision s hope this make sense to them

  8. Methel pirates are going to be in the $$$$ during construction. And heard new fire station still under construction has been hit…a lot.

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