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Oakley Science Week: Live Raptors at this Year’s Event

by ECT

Oakley—The Delta Science Center will be co-hosting two events for the City of Oakley sponsored 2016 Oakley Science Week event between April 16-23.

The first will take place at Big Break Regional Shoreline Park and co-hosted with East Bay Regional Park District’s Big Break crew of naturalists and docents. The event will feature tours of the park, bird watching and young citizen scientists will be able to learn about keeping the water clean and have the chance to even learn to test the river to make sure it is healthy.

At the end of this year’s Oakley Science Week’s event the Delta Science Center will also be co-hosting a second event with the Ironhouse Sanitary District and Diablo Water District that will  feature a program with a live bird show, featuring one of the Delta’s fiercest predators: Hawks. The event, which takes place on Saturday, April 23, will feature hawks, snakes and more.

“Seeing these birds soaring through the sky is a natural wonder,” said Dr. Michael Painter, president of the Delta Science Center. “Having the chance to see these beautiful birds up close and in person is also something everyone should get a chance to experience.”

The event coordinators invited local non-profit Lindsay Wildlife Experience out of Walnut Creek to bring some of their birds to the event. Lindsay Wildlife Rehabilitation Hospital is one of the oldest and largest rehabilitation centers in the United States. Their team of veterinarians, staff, and volunteers treats more than 5,500 injured and orphaned wild animals each year. The hospital is a pioneer in wildlife rehabilitation. Because wildlife does not have medical insurance, the hospital relies on donations to provide this life-saving work.

Lindsay Wildlife Experience’s mission is “Connecting people with wildlife to inspire responsibility and respect for the world we share”.

The April 23 event will also include information on other local Delta predators including coyotes, fox, raccoons, striped bass and more at the Delta Science Center area.

Other activities include hayride tours of the Ironhouse Sanitary District’s award-winning technologically advanced Water Recycling Facility. As well as a look at the equipment that help the Sanitary District keep the environment safe.

Diablo Water District will be offering information on water conservation and ideas on natural gardening to help save water.

The event will be held at the Ironhouse Sanitary District. Those coming in off Oakley’s Main Street will want turn onto Districts Way, across from Rose Avenue, follow the road under the train tracks and to the stop sign, where they will make a left. The event will take place from 10 am to 1 pm. For more details see the Delta Science Center’s website at www.deltasciencecenter.org.

Each year the City of Oakley celebration science with a week-long series of weekend and after school activities and exhibits. For more information all of the the events contact Cindy Coelho at [email protected] or at 925-625-7044.

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