Oakley: Man Pinned in Vehicle After Striking Pole, Airlifted to Hospital


At 10:22 pm Monday, the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District responded to a report of a vehicle versus a light pole on Empire Avenue near Hemlock in the City of Oakley.

The incident required the assistance of Contra Costa County Fire Protection District rescue units to assist with vehicle extrication after the vehicle was reportedly traveling at a high rate of speed and wrapped around the pole.

Upon arrival, Engine 53 located a vehicle into a light pole with an occupant trapped inside and requested a medical helicopter. Crews worked to stabilize the vehicle and began to provide patient care while he was pinned between the drivers door, the dash, center console, and passenger seat.

Crews used the technique where they chained the engine to the vehicle and moved the vehicle off the pole to allow crews to free the man – however, due to the damage of the pole, they were worried it may come down. It took crews about 30-minutes to free the man who was airlifted to a local hospital.

Oakley Police provided traffic control and shut down the roadway. They are also investigating the cause of the crash which appears to be related to excessive speeding. Several witnesses also stated hearing burnouts prior to the crash.

Oakley Police Chief Eric Christensen stated they were still investigating what led up to the crash, however, confirmed the driver was arrested on suspicion of DUI.


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