Brentwood: Man Arrested After Brandishing Machete in City Park

Photo provided by Brentwood Police

The Brentwood Police Department reports that on Saturday, June 8, police officers were dispatched to City Park on a report of a man brandishing a machete.

When officers arrived, they located Michael Tule, 55 of Brentwood, still inside the park and suspected of being under the influence of alcohol.

According to police, it was determined that Tule confronted another citizen and after a brief exchange of words between the two, Tule produced the machete and began threatening the victim with it. Tule was taken into custody without incident and booked into county jail for brandishing a deadly weapon, criminal threats and public intoxication.

No further information was provided.


  1. This guy should have been TASED and/or shot! Not just taken “without incident” because that doesn’t teach the SOB a lesson. You don’t pussy-foot around with a guy brandishing a machete and arguing and threatening another person!

    • Doesn’t matter if the POS DA goes after him. She can be dealt with, too. This is why if you go to a park, do not go “empty handed” and that doesn’t mean carry some rocks. Get my point? In a Gun vs. Machete, the gun wins, hands down!

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