Oakley Home Struck by Gunfire Wednesday Night


The Oakley Police Department confirmed there was a shooting that occurred on Norcross Lane near Oakley Elementary School Wednesday evening just before 9:00 pm.

According to Oakley Police Sergeant Perata several rounds were fired at a home which left one home hit as well as a vehicle. No injuries were reported and stated the victims were not being cooperative with law enforcement.

Allegedly three unknown race suspects wearing all black were seen.

No further information was provided.


  1. “No injuries were reported and stated the victims were not being cooperative with law enforcement.”

    Sounds like losers shooting at losers, what fun.

    And it continues to get worse. Oakley has/had potential but you have to actively force the trash out of town if you want a exclusive city to live and have property values sky rocket. Not gonna happen here sadly. This part of the east bay is a economic black hole. I see the same trash around town all the time and being so close to Antioch doesn’t help.

  2. wow! I grew up playing ball on Home st. and racing my skateboard down the hill…walking to Oakley Middle School everyday and even walking home for lunch, I miss those days, I’ve been in Texas for over 20 years and dont get back much…it breaks my heart to think of my wholesome hometown turning into what you describe…heat wrenching, and sad for my mom and brothers who still live there…

  3. If the victims aren’t being cooperative, it’s probably a gang related drive-by. Who else would fire shots at a home?

  4. Its so sad.. I heard those shots. It was very close to home.. I hate to say this but it’s true. this area has become East Richmond. Just be real. They keep relocating hud voucher recipients out to this area to give the kids a chance, problem is they do not rehabilitate the parents who need it and they bring their hustle, friends and their previous way of life with them.. Now we have what we have, A horrible mess..

  5. Guns and thugs are just too common now. The recipient of the bullets were uncooperative with police and now they will get their revenge and shoot up the shooters residence. I just pray that no kids or innocent bystanders get hit. As far as the thugs are concerned, I hope all die of lead poisoning.

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