Oakley: Female Clips Tree, Injured in Suspected DUI Related Crash


At 9:52 pm Wednesday, Oakley Police responded to a report of an overturned vehicle crash that occurred in the 80 block of Big Break Road in the City of Oakley.

Upon arriving on scene, officers located a female victim suffering from moderate injuries who was trapped. Upon arrival of Contra Costa County Fire Engine 88 (Antioch) and East Contra Costa Fire Engine 52 (Brentwood), they freed the female quickly who was then transported to a local hospital by AMR.

The incident shut down both directions of Big Break Road while crews worked. A portion of a fence was also taken out after it is suspected the female driver was traveling north on Big Break Road towards the Delta when she struck a tree causing her to roll her vehicle.

Police did not provide any information on the scene other than this incident is being investigated as a suspected DUI related crash.



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      • You did probably because you don’t think outside the box. Prov bartenders and staff are known to over serve their customers and people get sloppy ass drunk. These sloppy ass drunk bitches leave Prov and endanger the lives of everyone else. I understand it is a bar and people drink their and should be responsible, however the drunker you get the dumber you are. Bars need to be aware and accountable in how much they are serving to people. Everyone is a safety officer!!!! Prov is a white trash bar

    • Stop trying to share the blame, the person behind the wheel is at fault point blank. There are no excuses, yea they can try and I am almost positive they do, most people in with a sense of decency wouldn’t let someone drive like that. But at the end of the day there old enough to make their decisions. Just put a cop at every bar across the country I’m sure that would help smh

  2. It doesn’t say anything about a bar, but if you’re at a bar, bartenders do cut you off. They have to, and they’re also told to. They know they can be held liable, and so can the bar owner.

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