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Oakley Downtown Construction To Last 3-4 Months

by ECT

In case local residents are wondering what is going on with the construction in downtown Oakley, be aware that it will continue for the next 3-4 months. The city recently sent out a letter to all business owners that would be impacted by the downtown construction, but they posted the letter yesterday so all residents would know what is going on. It offers some details about the construction that I thought would clear up some confusion about what was going on downtown.  So if you are tired of the traffic, avoid Main Street for the next couple of months unless of course, you are going to eat at Black Bear Diner or stop by City Hall.
Dear Business Owner:

Main Street construction has commenced. As expected the changes in traffic handling have resulted in some confusion, as it is a change from the driver’s normal routine.

We’d like to report that yesterday’s congestion can mostly be attributed to the flashing red signal light that malfunction coincidentally on the day construction began and as we were setting up traffic control. The malfunction was not part of the construction and would have caused problems even if construction wasn’t going on. However we’re happy to report that work to repair the traffic signal is taking place now and should be fully resolved before the end of the day today.

While our plans on paper tried to anticipate problems, now that the project is underway we are working hard to make the necessary adjustments that will improve traffic flow and minimize impact to our local businesses.

Some of those measures include the following:

• Signage announcing the transition going Eastbound will be improved
• Signage better demarcating entryways to Oakley Plaza have been ordered
• All lanes will continue to remain open the entire time and will stay open throughout the project (barring some overnight single lane closures)

Be assured that the concerns we’ve received were communicated to our contractor this afternoon and troubleshooting has begun. If there are improvements to make, we will make them. We have experienced people on the Project – in the field and office – that will closely monitor the traffic handling.

We appreciate your patience as we move forward on this project and feel free to continue to provide comments which will always be welcomed.

The plan of the Project is to move quickly and complete the improvements within 3-4 months, to minimize the impact to businesses, rather than have disruption over a longer period of time.

Questions, comments, concerns can be directed to the City Manager’s Office and/or to the Project Manager.

Nancy Marquez
Assistant to the City Manager (habla español)
Email: [email protected]
Office: (925)625-7007
Cell: (925)550-9517

Reggie Decker
Engineering Project Manager
Email:[email protected]
Office: (925)625-7152
Cell: (925)584-8927

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