Ironhouse Sanitary District Holds Controlled Burn


Many residents in Oakley were surprised to see smoke this afternoon and contacted local authorities. There was no need to be alarmed as it was a controlled burn by the Ironhouse Sanitary District that was under control.

According to general manager Tom Williams, they perform a controlled burn once a year. They wanted to keep the field low and keep tumbleweeds from spreading across town. Williams explained that they waited for a day where there was little wind and no cloud cover. It should be noted that during the burn, the wind picked up and required an additional water tanker, but the fire was never out of control.

The East Contra Costa Fire Protection District was alerted to the burn prior to the start.

Here are a few shots of the burn.


  1. Ironhouse failed the residents of Oakley by not providing any notification to this burn and causing confusion. I walked outside my home and saw a bunch of smoke and wondered what was going on. Thanks for posting and making me less confused.

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