Assemblyman Frazier Visits with Delta-Antioch Kiwanis


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The Delta-Antioch Kiwanis had an opportunity to sit with Assemblyman Jim Frazier (D-Oakley) this morning during their weekly meeting as he shared a variety of issues with the club regarding Antioch and the State of California.

“As a former President of the Oakley Kiwanis, non-profit and service clubs are near and dear to my heart. I started the Friends of Oakley to provide services to Oakley residents during Christmas and help needy families,” explained Frazier.

He further shared his story about how he and his wife Janet Frazier started the Network of Care which has grown to service 55-hospitals.

“I really cherish what you do, it’s needed,” said Frazier.

During his comments, he covered multiple issues that included public safety, economic development, citywide infrastructure, promoting an Antioch Ferry and the Delta.

With regards to his comments on the Delta, he was spot on as he shared he is a big believer on helping Southern California work towards self-reliance on water before bringing anymore water down south.

“We must work on self-reliance with Southern California before taking more water out of the Delta. I’ll support a bond that builds infrastructure (for storage) and put people to work… they can even build all the tunnels they want, but they are not going to put water in them,” said Frazier.

He also explained how those who want the water should pay for it. Meaning, instead of the entire state funding this water project and spreading out the cost, let those who directly benefit pay for the project and see if they want to spend the money.

For Frazier, he was recently re-appointed to the Delta Protection Commission and Delta Governance Board.

Other issues included AB935 which will provide a voice for Contra Costa County and other areas with a Ferry system to have a voice on the San Francisco Bay Area Water Emergency Transportation Authority–the Bill is co-authored by Susan Bonilla. This will be beneficial to Antioch as the Board will have to begin listening to local needs instead of doing what they wish.

“I think this is a real benefit to Antioch if the Governor signs it,” explained Frazier.

When asked about ABAGs Bay Area Plan, Frazier encouraged folks to first decide if they support it. Depending on their answer, they need to attend meetings and begin letting their voices be heard because this is a long-term plan that will effect economic development and future growth.

“When I was a councilman in Oakley, we decided it didn’t work for us,” said Frazier.

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  1. He makes a great point of letting those who want it pay for it instead of spreading it out throughout the state. WAKE UP SACRAMENTO!!! Self reliance should be the issue, not tunnels.

  2. One of the best quotes I’ve read. Build tunnels but don’t put any water in it. I like it.

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